Capture it! Stormwater Arts Contest

Capturing Stormwater Runoff Through Art and Film

Last updated Nov. 13, 2017 - 4:18 pm

The City of Raleigh’s “Capture it! Stormwater Arts Contest” is an opportunity for high school students to capture the importance of stormwater runoff through art and film in a way that will bring more awareness to the community about the need to improve the water quality of Raleigh’s streams and lakes.

Participants can complete a 60-second video, create a drawing/painting to be placed on a rain barrel, or create a drawing/painting to be used as a stencil for storm drain covers.

Registration closes Friday, Jan. 26, 2018. Winners in each category will receive a $300 prize, which will be featured at the 2018 Raleigh Environmental Awards!

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60-second Video Guidelines

The video should show how the Raleigh community could positively impact the environment by improving the water quality of local waterways.

Examples: Proper disposal of pet waste and other pollutants that make streams dirty and unhealthy; Using a rain garden to capture and clean stormwater before it enters a stream or lake.

Videos will be accepted in MP4 or MOV format and should be appropriate for public viewing. Videos with copyrighted music, identifiable brands (example: Google Fiber logo), and inappropriate content will be disqualified.

See examples of last year's winning videos provided below.

Rain Barrel Painting/Drawing Guidelines

Rain Barrel

The rain barrel painting/drawing should show the benefits of capturing, cleaning, and reusing rainwater. Example: Showing that capturing and cleaning stormwater leads to cleaner streams and healthier wildlife.

The drawing must be large enough to be painted on a rain barrel. You may also submit a photo of your artwork already painted/drawn on the rain barrel.

Artwork and design must be original. Inappropriate content will be disqualified (including use of identifiable brands).


Photo Credit: The Environmental Blog

Storm Drain Art Drawing Guidelines

Storm Drain Art

Submit a drawing that could be recreated into a stencil for Raleigh Stormwater’s Storm Drain Marking Program.

Artwork should show that only stormwater runoff must enter a storm drain - anything else is harmful to the water in Raleigh’s creeks and lakes!

Artwork and design must be original. Accepted sizes include 23.5-inch diameter for round storm drain covers and 62.5 in. x 14.5 in. for rectangular covers. Inappropriate content will be disqualified (including use of identifiable brands).


Photo Credit: City of Tampa 

Submitting Your Contest Entry

The online application for this contest is now available. Entries are due by Friday, Jan. 26.

Note: To submit your video for the stormwater competition, please:

  1. Upload your video submission to;
  2. Once the video has been uploaded, make sure the file is set to the “Only you” member category;
  3. Then, click on Share and then Create a link; and,
  4. Copy and paste the link to your video into your online application under “#6: Documentation.”

2017 Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Streams & Stormwater Video Competition award winners! Winners were announced at the 10th Anniversary of the Environmental Awards in April 2017.

Watch the 2017 Streams & Stormwater Video Competition videos

1st Place - "Be the Change" by Julian Simoes

2nd Place - "Cup of Water" by Chloe Wen and classmates

3rd Place - "Chaplin's Lament" by Jacob Fletcher, Carla Fuller, and Anton Baeza

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