Raleigh Urban Design Center

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Raleigh Urban Design Center

The Raleigh Urban Design Center is a team of urban designers and planners who envision and design solutions that create a better built environment for the City of Raleigh. By engaging and leading the people of Raleigh in deliberate, targeted design discussions, we build consensus around innovative solutions that encourage all people to be active in shaping the physical form of their community.


Design Outreach

Center for the discussion and testing of design and planning theories and the impact they have on the urbanization of the City. We engage in thoughtful discussion with the community, and collaborate with partners to pursue new and innovative forms of urban intervention.

UDC Policy

Design Process

We use design thinking and best practices research to develop policies and regulations for how the City and private development projects are conceived, designed, reviewed, and approved. We also create and support a diverse and thriving public realm.

Contact Information

919-996-4640 | email
220 Fayetteville Street, Briggs Building, Suite 200
Assistant Planning Director, Planning + Design: Roberta Fox

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