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The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department provides water and sanitary sewer service to approximately 183,000 metered water and sewer customers and a service population of approximately 500,000 people in Raleigh, Garner, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Knightdale, Wendell, and Zebulon areas.

Mission: To provide safe, sustainable water services for our customers while protecting public health and contributing to the economic, environmental and social vitality of our communities.

Contact Information

919-996-4540 | Fax 919-996-1866 | email
One Exchange Plaza, 6th Floor
Director - Robert Massengill

Public Utilities Emergency After-Hours | 919-829-1930


Utility Customer Alert: Residents Should Be Aware of Private Solicitations for Water Sampling
[Posted June 16, 2015]

There has been an increase in the number of private companies placing water sampling door hangers soliciting residents to purchase water filtration systems. These door hangers appear to be water sampling kits and are not issued by nor endorsed by the City of Raleigh.

The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department provides customers with water that meets and or exceeds all Federal and State drinking water regulations. If you are a City of Raleigh water customer and have concerns regarding your water quality, call the Public Utilities Operations Division at 919-996-2737.

New Water Resource Update
[Posted Jan. 16, 2015]

The complexity and uncertainly of new water resource development led the City of Raleigh to consider an allocation request from the regional water source of Jordan Lake. This allocation would be a “resource bridge” in the event of delay or failure to realize other new water resource options currently under consideration. Authorized by Raleigh City Council on November 5, 2014, an application for allocation was submitted on November 14, 2014 and revised at the request of Division of Water Resource staff on January 13, 2015. The final approval process is targeted for completion at the regularly scheduled meeting of North Carolina Environmental Management Commission in September 2015. View Application

City Increases Reward for Reporting Illegal Discharges/Dumping into the Sanitary Sewer System. View Brochure | View Poster | View Video

City of Raleigh Official Utility Payment Locations are the only payment sites authorized to accept your payments. View Official Utility Payment Locations

Public Utilities Mascots

In 2014, the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department acquired two new mascots, Johnny the Running Toilet and Sir Water Raleigh to help with our outreach efforts.

Learn more about the Public Utilities Mascots

In the News - Raleigh's Public Utilities Department

Imagine A Day Without Water | October 6-8, 2015
Mayor McFarlane proclaims Wednesday, Oct. 7th "Imagine A Day Without Water" Day in Raleigh.

Could you go a day without water? No water to drink or make coffee. No water to shower, flush the toilet, or do laundry. Join us as we raise awareness about the most essential resource we have: Water. Visit Value of Water Coalition to find out more about Water's Value.

Crabtree Pipeline Project
Construction Global Magazine | September 2015 | Pages 96-105
The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department Undermining Overflow | August 11, 2015
Crabtree Creek Project Will Ease Flooding but Cause Street Closures
Crabtree Pipeline Project
City of Raleigh Partners With Conservancy to Protect Lands in Falls Lake Watershed
July, 2014
The City of Raleigh has contributed towards protecting a critical tract of land in the Falls Lake Watershed.

What's Inside This House?, January 16, 2014
The ordinary-looking house on Wade Ave actually disguises a pump station for the City of Raleigh Public Utilities.

Utility Billing

Washing sponge

Depending on whether you live in Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, Wake Forest, or another area, find out who you need to call for a new water account and meter.

Learn more about Utility Billing

Treatment Plants and Other Facilities

Treatment Plant

The City of Raleigh owns and operates three wastewater treatment plants and two drinking water treatment plants in the City's utility service area which provide services to a population of approximately 500,000.

View Plant Information

Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connection Control

Protecting the City's water supply by overseeing the installation, regulation, and testing of backflow assemblies installed between cross connections, backflow assemblies prevent contaminants from the consumer's property entering the water supply which could pose a health hazard or pollution of the water.

Learn more about Cross Connection Control Program

Water Conservation and Efficiency

Water Conservation

The City of Raleigh has initiated several programs to help educate our customers about the most water efficient technologies and to understand the City's mandatory conservation measures.

View water supply status and conservation stages

Learn more about water efficiency and conservation programs

Reuse Water System

Reuse Map

Reuse water (also known as reclaimed water, recycled water, or non-potable water) is highly treated wastewater that can be re-used for irrigation, pressure washing, vehicle washing, toilet flushing, or cooling towers, instead of being discharged into a waterway.

Reuse Newsletter [January 2015]

Learn more about Reuse Water System

Hydrant Meter Program


Hydrant Meter Rentals provide temporary potable water services to customers within the City’s service area through connection to fire hydrants.

Commercial and Residential customers must apply for a hydrant meter before using water from a fire hydrant for construction, landscaping, demolition, street cleaning, drinking fountains for public events and other approved uses.

Fees are based on the length of use, and billing for the hydrant meter(s) will occur one time per month.

Policy | Application

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.

In this section you will find several plans and presentations that will help you better understand our department's mission and vision. Through the various tasks and initiatives outlined in these plans, we venture towards our goal of becoming a world-class utility service provider.

Learn more about Strategic Planning

Public Utilities Handbook

The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department has prepared this handbook to summarize the policies, standards, and specifications of the Department.

The Raleigh Public Utilities Department has the responsibility for operating, maintaining, repairing, replacing and expanding the water, sewer, and reuse systems of the City of Raleigh and the towns of Garner, Rolesville, Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon and Wake Forest.

2014 Public Utilities Handbook


Material and Construction Standards

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