Dorothea Drive Culvert Replacement

Last updated Dec. 19, 2018 - 3:46 pm
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Current Activity

Posted Wednesday, Dec. 19

We are in the process of selecting a construction contractor for this project. This includes:

  • Publicly advertising the project for construction;
  • Identifying the contractor with the lowest bid to make sure that the project is within budget;
  • Entering into an agreement with the selected contractor after the bid is approved by Raleigh City Council; and,
  • Finalizing a construction contract before work can begin.
This process typically takes about four months. We may have to re-bid the project if less than three contractors submit a bid or the bids are over budget.

Questions? Contact Todd Rall, stormwater project manager, at 919-996-4006 or


The intent of this project is to replace the culvert that runs under Dorothea Drive with a new, updated stormwater structure that will allow the stream to flow better and reduce localized flooding of the area. The project also will address and eliminate existing public utility concerns and allow this section of Dorothea Drive to meet current City street and sidewalk design standards. 


Dorothea Drive Culvert


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Fall 2018Project design complete
Fall 2018Easement acquisition and permitting process complete
Late Fall 2018Project bid for construction
Spring 2019Project construction begins
Summer 2019Project construction complete


Initially, repairs were made to the existing box culvert after City staff found sink holes at several locations along the culvert. It was determined after the repairs were made and the structure was further assessed that the culvert presents significant structural concerns and needs to be replaced. 

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