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Discover Raleigh Arts

Raleigh Arts enhances the City’s quality of life, the economy, and the vibrancy through arts, culture, and creativity. We strive for equitable access to arts and culture in every community, its public institutions, and public places.

Key areas of our work include public art, community arts programming, Pullen & Sertoma Arts Centers, and grant and capacity building support to the cultural sector.


Art Centers

Kids and Art

Sertoma Arts Center

A creative destination for all ages, Sertoma Arts Center offers art classes and workshops in various mediums, as well as exhibition and studio spaces. 

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Pullen Arts Center

Pullen Arts Center is located in Pullen Park. Currently, Pullen Arts Center is closed as we undergo a renovation and expansion. 

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Pop-Up Studios

Pop-up Art Studios are free art classes for all ages that “pop-up” at various community centers throughout Raleigh. 

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Programs and Events

International Festial

We believe in supporting, celebrating and partnering with Raleigh’s creative community with programs such as Piedmont Laureate, Gifts of Gold, Medal of Arts, Creative Aging as well as through capacity building for artists and non-profits including Universal Access training, conferences and resources.

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Arts Awards and Recognition

Universal Access in the Arts

Leadership Exchange in the Arts 2020 Conference

Exhibitions and Collections

Block Gallery

Block Gallery is located in the Raleigh Municipal Building in downtown Raleigh and features a rotating exhibition of local artists. 

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Block2 Gallery

Block2 Gallery is an outdoor projection gallery in Market Plaza that features video, digital and new media artists.  

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Municipal Art Collection

Our Municipal Art Collection holds more than 600 artworks by local, state and national artists. 

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Our Grant Program provides funding to non-profit arts organizations, known as Raleigh Arts Partners, based on the recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.

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Public Art

Citizen-Initiated Projects

Special Projects & Temporary Public Art

In addition to our permanent public art programs, we support a variety of community public art projects in collaboration with special events, other departments, and community partners.

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Percent for Art

Our Percent for Art program allocates one percent of municipal construction funds for public art funding. The Public Art and Design Board oversees this program.

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Public Art & Design Board

The Public Art and Design Board is a citizen board of arts and design professionals that develops policy, reviews projects, advises artist and project managers, and steers the community engagement our public art.

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Citizen Initiated Projects

We think any artist, neighborhood, organization, school, museum or student with an idea for an art project to make their community better should be able to bring their project to the public. Citizen Initiated Projects is designed to bring community-led temporary or permanent public art projects to the City of Raleigh.

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Artist Calls

Raleigh Arts Plan

The Raleigh Arts Plan is a ten-year master plan to strengthen arts and culture for the City’s many communities and people. The planning process began in 2014 and ended with City Council adoption of the Plan in 2016. Our goals are to:

  • Promote an active arts and culture life throughout the community
  • Expand youth arts participation
  • Ensure equity, access, and inclusion in all cultural programming
  • Support the work of Raleigh's artists and arts and cultural organizations
  • Enhance the vitality of Raleigh's neighborhoods and districts through thoughtful placemaking
  • Enhance arts leadership and governance
  • Strengthen marketing, promotion and valuing of the arts
  • Create a system of sustainable arts funding
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Contact Information


Ph 919-996-3610 | Fax 919-996-7154
127 West Hargett Street, Suite 408, Raleigh, NC 27601
PO Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602

Executive Director

Sarah Powers | 919-996-4685

Arts Grant Director

Sarah Corrin | 919-996-4686

Arts Program Director

Belva Parker | 919-996-4683

Raleigh Public Art Director

Kelly McChesney | 919-996-5657


Stacy Bloom Rexrode | 919-996-4687

Pullen Arts Center Director

Eliza Kiser | 919-996-4895

Sertoma Arts Center Director

Julia Meder | 919-996-2329

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