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The Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department offers community centers throughout the city. Community Centers offer a variety of programs and services for families and those of all ages. Join us for fitness, sports, arts, youth programs and most of all...FUN!


Please note hours of operation below apply specifically to community centers. Park hours are normally dawn to dusk.


Each center has different rooms and spaces available to rent and you can view more information about the rental spaces and details about policies and procedures. For all centers, the following policies will be consistent.

  • All rooms/spaces must be rented for a minimum of two hours.
  • There is a $15 application fee.
  • The completed rental contract and all rental fees must be submitted to reserve space.
  • There is a $100 damage deposit required for all rentals. This may be refunded if the renter adheres to the contract and stays within the rented time.
  • There is an additional fee of $20 per hour for any rentals that occur outside of operating hours. This does not apply to the neighborhood centers.
  • Both set-up and break-down time must be included in your rental. Factor this in when determining the length of your rental.
  • Warming Kitchens are available in many of the centers. Food may be warmed but not made from scratch in the kitchens.

Community Center Gym Meeting Rooms
Small Med Lg XL
Abbotts Creek1 3YDance
Barwell Road 2*
1 2 2 Y Dance
Biltmore Hills 1 1 1 1 Y
Brier Creek 1* 4 1 Y
Carolina Pines 1 1 1 Y
John Chavis 1 3 1 Y Dance
Green Road 2*
Greystone 2 Dance
Halifax 1 1
Hill Street 111 Y
Jaycee 1 2 Y
John P. "Top" Greene 1 Y
Lake Lynn 2*
1 1 Dance
Laurel Hills 2
1 1 Y Dance
Lions Park 1 1 1 Y
Marsh Creek 1* 2 3 1 Y
Method 1 1 1 Y
Millbrook Exchange 1* 1 1 Y Patio
Optimist 1 1 Y
Peach Road 2 1
Pullen 2 1 Y
Ralph Campbell 1 Y
Roberts 1 1 1 1 Y
Sanderford Road 1 1 Y
Sgt. Courtney T. Johnson 2 1
Tarboro Road 1 1 1 Y
Worthdale 1 1 1 Y

*Air Conditioned Gyms

Rental fees for community center rooms are based on the size of the room and the capacity that the room will hold. Please see the table below for basic information on capacity and cost for rental spaces.

Room/Space Capacity Cost
Gyms (Non-Air Conditioned) 100-400 (differs in each facility) $60/hr
Gyms (Air Conditioned) 100-400 (differs in each facility) $80/hr
Small Meeting Rooms Less than 16 $25/hr
Medium Meeting Rooms 16-39 $35/hr
Large Meeting Rooms 40-75 $60/hr
X-Large Meeting Rooms 75+ $70/hr
Neighborhood Centers Contact Center $50/hr
Warming Kitchens
Special Rooms
Contact Center
Contact Center

Abbotts Creek

Abbotts Creek Community Center

Phone: 919-996-2770
Address: 9950 Durant Road, 27614
Director: Robert Stewart
Assistant Director: Jamie Quinn

View Park Information

Barwell Road

Barwell Road Community Center

Phone: 919-996-5994
Address: 5857 Barwell Park Drive, 27610
Director: Tori Voska
Assistant Director: Kevin Sanders

View Park Information

Biltmore Hills

Biltmore Hills Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6895
Address: 2615 Fitzgerald Dr, 27610
Director: Kenny Lyons
Assistant Director: Karla Bonilla

View Park Information

Brier Creek

Brier Creek Community Center

Phone: 919-420-2340
Address: 10810 Globe Rd, 27617
Director: Laura Brannon
Assistant Director: Scott Graham

View Park Information

Carolina Pines

Carolina Pines Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6435
Address: 2305 Lake Wheeler Rd, 27603
Director: Tonya McNeil
Assistant Director: Nickey Brewster

View Park Information

John Chavis

Chavis Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6989
Address: 505 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, 27601
Director: Denise Hill
Assistant Director: Adrian Starks

View Park Information

Green Road

Green Road Community Center

Phone: 919-996-4141
Address: 4201 Green Rd, 27604
Director: Aundrea White
Assistant Director: Kyle Swicegood

View Park Information

Greystone Recreation Center

Greystone Recreation Center

Phone: 919-996-4848
Address: 7713-55 Lead Mine Road, 27615
Director: Catherine Worthington

View Park Information


Halifax Community Center

Phone: 919-996-6378
Address: 1023 Halifax St, 27604
Director: Emily Collins
Assistant Director: Chris Moore

View Park Information

Hill Street

Hill Street Community Center

Phone: 919-996-5300
Address: 2307 Hill Street, 27604
Director: Tina Martin

View Park Information


Jaycee Community Center

Phone: 919-996-6833
Address: 2405 Wade Ave, 27607
Director: Dan Bacon
Assistant Director: Tomara Rock

View Park Information

John P. "Top" Greene

John P. "Top" Greene Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6527
Address: 401 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, 27601
Director: Grady Bussey

View Park Information

Lake Lynn

Lake Lynn Community Center

Phone: 919-996-2911
Address: 7921 Ray Rd, 27613
Director: Chris Nadeau
Assistant Director: Megan Jones

View Park Information

Laurel Hills

Laurel Hills Community Center

Phone: 919-996-2383
Address: 3808 Edwards Mill Rd, 27612
Director: Tory Miller Mocock
Assistant Director: James Triplette

View Park Information


Lions Park Community Center

Phone: 919-996-4726
Address: 516 Dennis Ave, 27604
Director: Christie Jones
Assistant Director: Jason Clemons

View Park Information

Marsh Creek

Marsh Creek Community Center

Phone: 919-996-4920
Address: 3050 N. New Hope Rd, 27604
Director: Heather O'Brien
Assistant Director: Chase Sasse

View Park Information

Berry O’Kelly/Harveleigh White at Method Community

Method Community Center

Phone: 919-996-6066
Address: 514 Method Rd, 27607
Director: Vacant
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Sharpe

View Method Community Park Information

Millbrook Exchange

Millbrook Exchange Community Center

Phone: 919-996-4156
Address: 1905 Spring Forest Rd, 27615
Director: Linda Stafford
Assistant Director: Adam Sollace

View Park Information


Optimist Community Center

Phone: 919-996-2880
Address: 5900 Whittier Dr, 27609
Director: Susan Adams
Assistant Director: Bryan Garrido

View Park Information

Peach Road

Peach Road Community Center

Phone: 919-807-8545
Address: 911 Ileagnes Rd, 27603
Director: Christy Famolare

View Park Information


Pullen Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6052
Address: 408 Ashe Ave, 27606
Director: Abigail Kepler

View Park Information

Ralph Campbell at Apollo Heights

Ralph Campbell Community Center

Phone: 919-250-2757
Address: 756 Lunar Dr, 27610
Director: Rickey Fowler

View Apollo Heights Park Information


Roberts Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6830
Address: 1300 E. Martin St, 27610
Director: Tori Spaugh
Assistant Director: Calvin Mitchell

View Park Information

Sanderford Road

Sanderford Road Community Center

Phone: 919-831-1898
Address: 2623 Sanderford Rd, 27610
Director: Adam Sproles

View Park Information

Sgt. Courtney T. Johnson at Southgate

Sgt. Courtney T. Johnson Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6719
Address: 1801 Proctor St, 27610
Director: Grady Bussey

View Southgate Park Information

Tarboro Road

Tarboro Road Community Center

Phone: 919-831-6505
Address: 121 North Tarboro Rd, 27610
Director: Chris Octetree

View Park Information


Worthdale Community Center

Phone: 919-996-2730
Address: 1001 Cooper Rd, 27610
Director: Carletta Moore
Assistant Director: Troy Smith

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