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The Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department is responsible for many different types of athletic fields. These fields include baseball fields, softball fields, multipurpose fields and open spaces. Most of the fields are available for the public to reserve.

To find out more about specific fields or spaces, contact the Athletics Division at 919-996-6836.

View list of Courts (Basketball, Tennis & Volleyball)

Baseball/Softball Fields

Baseball Field
  • There are youth and adult fields
  • Fence distance varies from site to site
  • Most fields have lights

Fees: Field - $35/hour | Lights - $25/hour | Application - $15/session

Location Type LightsCenter Field P/B
Biltmore Hills #1
Youth Baseball
Y190 ft 43/60
Biltmore Hills #2SoftballY300 ft46/65
Brentwood #1
Youth Baseball
Y184 ft -/50
Carolina Pines #1
Softball Y293 ft 46/65
Carolina Pines #2SoftballY289 ft46/65
Carolina Pines #3Youth BaseballY180 ft48/70
Cedar Hills #1Baseball/SoftballY336 ft60/90
John Chavis Memorial
Youth Baseball Y185 ft -/50
Green Road #1
Y350 ft
Green Road #2Baseball
Y287 ft 54/80
Y289 ft 60/90
Softball Y260 ft 43/60
Jaycee #2Youth SoftballY248 ft43/60
Jaycee LittleYouth BaseballY191 ft48/70
Youth Baseball Y188 ft 43/60
Youth BaseballY185 ft 43/60
Lake Lynn
Youth Baseball
Y300 ft -/50
Laurel Hills #1
Youth Baseball
Y300 ft 43/60
Laurel Hills #2Youth Baseball
Y300 ft 54/80
Lions #1
Softball Y309 ft 50/70
Lions #2Softball
Y317 ft 50/70
Lions #3Youth BaseballY264 ft43/60
Lions #4BaseballY350 ft60/90
Marsh Creek
Y254 ft 43/50
Youth Baseball N197 ft -/50
Millbrook #1
Softball Y301 ft 50/70
Millbrook#2Softball Y285 ft 50/70
Millbrook #3Youth BaseballY181 ft43/60
North Hills
Youth Baseball
Y195 ft 43/60
Oakwood #1
Softball Y253 ft 43/60
Oakwood #2BaseballY179 ft43/60
Optimist #1
Softball Y183 ft -/60
Optimist #2Baseball Y292 ft 43/60
Pullen #1
Softball Y270 ft 50/70
Pullen #2Youth BaseballY257 ft54/80
Youth Baseball Y185 ft 43/60
Sanderford #1
Youth Baseball/Softball
Y295 ft 60/90
Sanderford #2Youth BaseballY200 ft48/70
Youth Baseball
Y185 ft
Spring Forest
Youth Baseball/Softball Y200 ft 43/60
Worthdale #1
Softball Y275 ft 50/70
Worthdale #2Youth BaseballY189 ft-/50

Other fields available for tournament scheduling - Buffaloe Road Athletic Park & Walnut Creek Softball Complex

Multipurpose Fields/Open Spaces

Multipurpose Field
  • Field size varies from site to site
  • Can be used for most any sporting event
  • Fields do not have lights

Fees: Field - $35/hour | Application - $15/session

Please note that some fields are closed for renovations. Please check here for the latest in field status.

Name of Field Size of Field
Baileywick #3
Beaver Dam Creek
Banbury #1
190' x 145'
Brentwood MP Field
284' x 281'
Brier Creek
Brier Creek #1
300' X 161'
Brier Creek #2
290' x 161'
John Chavis Memorial
Chavis MP Field
300' x 210'
Eastgate MP Field
240' x 210'
Fred Fletcher
Fletcher MP Field 300' x 195'
Glen Eden
Glen Eden MP Field 250' x 125'
Halifax MP Field
300' x 225'
Kiwanis Open 1
300' x 175'
Kiwanis Open 2
310' x 225'
Laurel Hills Laurel Hills MP Field 150' x 150'
Marsh Creek
Marsh Creek MP Field 240' x 200'
Method MP Field 300' x 175'
Peach Road
Peach Road MP Field 200' x 250'
Powell Drive
Powell Drive MP Field 225' x 150'
Williams Open 1
260' x 220'

Note: Some parks have open spaces used for programming that are rented by the park/center.

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