Brockton Drive Dam Rehabilitation Phase 2

Last updated Sep. 24, 2019 - 3:38 pm
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  • Lake & Dam Preservation
  • $4.2 million (Phases 2)
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • CDM Smith, Inc.
  • Thalle Construction

Current Activity

Posted Tuesday, Sept. 24

Phase 2 (Lower dam)

The design for phase two is complete. The spillway structure and the dam at the lower lake will be replaced with a roller-compacted concrete structure. Construction is expected to start this fall. 

Since this dam is not functioning properly, the lake will be drained through the start of construction. This will limit the amount of water in the lake to reduce impacts from heavy rain storms. 

Staff provided a brief update about the project at the Atlantic Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) meeting on June 20. 

If you have any questions about this phase, contact Barbara Moranta, PE, at 919-996-3976.

Phase 1 (Upper dam)

This phase is complete. The project included draining the lake, replacing stormwater drainage and sanitary sewers, and transforming the upper lake to a stream channel. The stream channel flows through the newly constructed stormwater infrastructure into the lower lake. These changes will improve the channel's water quality and reduce flooding to nearby homes. 


This project will provide dam and storm drainage improvements at the Brockton Drive dam by addressing dam safety concerns, reducing the frequency and severity of flooding in adjacent structures, and improving water quality, while remaining consistent with the City of Raleigh's Lake Preservation policy.

The Brockton Drive Lake and Dam Rehabilitation will be completed in two phases:

Phase I - Upper Dam: This phase includes removing the upper lake to restore the channel at Brockton Drive and increasing the size of the existing drainage pipe with a box culvert. Stream restriction at the downstream corner of Walden Woods Club House pool will be removed. The stream also will be stabilized and reshaped with plants/vegetation at the upper stream channel.

Phase II - Lower Dam: The spillway structure and the lower dam will be replaced with a roller-compacted concrete structure.


  • Brockton Drive Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Brockton Drive Stream Channel
  • New storm drain at Upper Brockton Drive Lake (during construction)
  • Upper Brockton Drive Lake (prior to construction)


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Fall 2018Phase 1 construction complete
Spring 2019Phase 2 design complete
Summer 2019Phase 2 construction bid and permitting process
Late Fall 2019Phase 2 construction begins


The existing spillway for the upper lake at Brockton Drive is currently in very poor condition. The upper lake collects debris and, in intense storms, floods adjacent structures, which are occupied. The lower lake dam spillway is undersized and there is severe erosion at the outlet.

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