Bus Fares and Ticket Outlets

Last updated May 15, 2017 - 1:55 pm

Bus Fare Information


Cash Fare$1.25$0.60
Day Pass$2.50$1.25
7-Day Pass$12.00
31-Day Pass$45.00$22.50
$25 Stored Value Card$20.00$20.00
  • Best Pass Value: $25.00 Stored Value Card | Accepted by Regional providers GoRaleigh, GoTriangle, GoDurham & C-TRAN.
  • Passes do not begin to lose value until they are validated on the GoRaleigh bus.
  • No Transfers Issued


Persons with Disabilities50% Discount
Teens Ages 13-1850% Discount
Children 12 & UnderFree
Seniors 65 & OverFree
  • 50% Discount with Approved ID:
    • Persons with Disabilities (with GoRaleigh ID)
    • Teens Ages 13-18 (may show current Student ID in lieu of GoRaleigh ID)
  • Fare Free
    • Children Ages 12 and Under (with GoRaleigh ID if over 60" tall)
    • Seniors 65+ (with GoRaleigh ID)
  • To obtain a GoRaleigh ID card, complete the GoRaleigh ID Card Application or call 919-996-3459.
  • A Medicare Card and a valid ID may be used to secure a GoRaleigh ID Card.

For other pass options please call 919-485-RIDE (7433)

GoRaleigh Ticket Outlets

Please Note:
The following forms of payment are accepted at the GoRaleigh Operations Office and GoRaleigh Station Information Booth: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Commuter Check. Harris Teeter stores only sell 7 Day Passes, Reduced Fare 7 Day Passes and 31 Day Passes.

GoPass Program

The GoPass program allows registered employers and their employees the opportunity to ride GoRaleigh and GoTriangle buses for free. Once the employer has enrolled in the contractual program, they will receive the GoPass swipe cards. The pass should be swiped at the fare box in lieu of a regular bus pass. A GoPass can only be used by the employee/employer. The following employers/colleges are currently eligible for free bus rides. For more information or to enroll in the program, contact the City of Raleigh's TDM Coordinator.

  • City of Raleigh (there is a $3 replacement fee for lost/stolen passes) and Wake County Government Employees
    Free Rides with GoPass and ID Badge
  • North Carolina State University Students and Faculty/Staff ($5 student fee, $60 Faculty/Staff fee)
    Free Rides with GoPass and ID Badge (Order your pass online)
  • Meredith College Students, Faculty and Staff
    Free Rides with GoPass
  • Wake Technical Community College
    Free Rides with GoPass and ID Badge
  • St. Augustine's University
    Free Rides with GoPass and ID Badge
  • Shaw University
    Free Rides with GoPass and ID Badge

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