Development Forms and Applications

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Here you will find an alphabetical directory of the forms used for the various development processes in the City of Raleigh.

Most Popular Selections

Residential Permit Application
Non-Residential Permit Application
Non-Residential Permit Application | Signature Addendum

Residential Permit Application | single family homes, one- and-two-family dwelling units, townhomes

Non-Residential/Commercial Permit Application | all other buildings that are not listed as residential

Permit Application Signature Addendum | for signatures not included on an orginial permit application

Other Popular Documents:

Residential Plot Plan Checklist
Non-Residential Land & Building Requirements Checklist
Pre-Application Conference
Express Review Application
Non-Residential Building Guidelines
Building Code Summary Sheet

S to Z


Existing Private Well and Waste Water Systems (pdf)

Public Gravity Sewer Application (pdf)

Public Sewer Pump Station and Force Main Application (pdf)

Sewer Release

Corporation President VP Only Sewer Release Form (doc)

Corporation Sewer Release Form (doc)

Individual Sewer Release Form (doc)

LLC Sewer Release Form (doc)

LLP Sewer Release Form (doc)

Partnership Sewer Release Form (doc)

Shell Variable Form

Sidewalk Easement Template

Sketch Plan Review Application

Slope Easement Template

Special Use Permit Application

Special Inspections Statement

Stocking Permit Application


Declaration Of Maintenance Covenant And Protection Easement For Stormwater Control Facilities

Stormwater Design Exception Application


Street Closing Petition

Street Name Reservation Application (doc) (pdf)

Street Name Change Petition (doc) (pdf)

Street Performer Application

Sunset Extension

Taxi Dispatch Stand Application

Text Change Application (doc) (pdf)

Third Party Inspections Agreement

Transit Easement Template

Typical Number & Building Plan Data Box

Unity of Development Application

Utility Placement Easement Template

Variance Application (Board of Adjustment)

Wake County Residential Development Notification (Wake County Schools Form)


Existing Private Well and Waste Water Systems (pdf)

Water/Sewer Stub Permit Application (doc) (pdf)

Public Water Application and Engineers Report (pdf)

Worker's Compensation Exception Form

Zoning (also see Rezoning)

Request for Zoning Verification

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