Development Approvals

Last updated Nov. 18, 2019 - 2:13 pm

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501 E Lane Street Oakwood
COA-0003-2019102 N East StreetOakwood
COA-0004-20191024 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
COA-0005-2019414 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
COA-0008-2019402 W Edenton Street St. Paul A.M.E. Church
COA-0015-2019 318 Polk StreetOakwood
COA-0018-2019709 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0019-2019215 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
COA-0021-2019602 S Boylan Avenue (approved 4-4-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0022-2019605 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
COA-0023-2019605 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
COA-0025-201911 S Blount Street
Capitol Square
COA-0028-201917 S East StreetCity Cemetery
COA-0036-2019806 W South StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0037-2019313 Blake Street (approved 4-1-19)Moore Square
COA-0038-201913 E Martin Street (approved 4-2-19)Moore Square/ The Mecca
COA-0039-2019602 N Bloodworth Street (approved 4-17-19)Oakwood
COA-0040-2019319 E Lane Street (approved 4-15-19)Oakwood
COA-0041-20191 Mimosa Street (approved 4-12-19)Mordecai House
COA-0042-2019409 E Jones Street (approved 4-11-19)Oakwood
COA-0044-2019501 New Bern Avenue (approved 4-12-19)Oakwood
COA-0045-2019 214 N Bloodworth Street (approved 4-17-19)Oakwood
COA-0046-2019515 S Blount Street (approved 4-17-19)Prince Hall
COA-0047-2019201 S Blount Street (approved 4-18-19)Moore Square
COA-0048-2019221 Linden Avenue (approved 4-18-19)Oakwood
COA-0049-20191014 Oberlin Road (approved 4-18-19)Oberlin Cemetery/Oberlin Village
COA-0050-2019601 Elm Street (approved 4-18-19)Oakwood
COA-0053-2019530 N East Street (approved 5-8-19) Oakwood
COA-0055-2019 327 E Jones Street (approved 5-20-19)Oakwood
COA-0056-2019522 Oakwood Avenue (approved 5-28-19)Oakwood
COA-0057-2019410 Glenwood Avenue (approved 5-28-19) former Pine State Creamery
COA-0060-2019701 N East Street (approved 5-29-19)Oakwood
COA-0061-2019 301 Pogue Street (approved 7-1-19)Raleigh Little Theater/Rose Garden/Ampitheatre
COA-0062-2019501 S Person Street (approved 7-1-19)Gethsemane Seventh Day Adventist Church
COA-0063-2019807 McCulloch Street (approved 6-20-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0064-20191 Mimosa Street (approved 6-20-19)Mordecai House
COA-0065-20191014 W Cabarrus Street (approved 7-1-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0069-2019301 Pogue Street (approved 7-2-19)Raleigh Little Theater/Rose Garden/Ampitheatre
COA-0071-20191526 Tryon Road (approved 7-3-19)Carolina Pines Hotel
COA-0072-2019118 N Bloodworth Street (approved 8-20-19)Oakwood
COA-0073-2019604 N Bloodworth Street (approved 7-5-19)Oakwood
COA-0074-2019510 S Person Street (approved 7-5-19)Prince Hall
COA-0075-2019404 E Lane Street (approved 9-5-19)Oakwood
COA-0079-2019515 Cole Street (approved 8-15-19)Glenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0082-2019704 Dorothea Drive (approved 8-8-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0083-2019509 Cutler Street (approved 8-7-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0084-2019527 Euclid Street (approved 8-30-19)Oakwood
COA-0086-20191024 Dorothea Drive (approved 8-8-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0087-2019600 Latham Way (approved 8-29-19)Oakwood
COA-0088-2019212 N State Street (approved 8-22-19)Lemuel and Julia Delany House
COA-0090-2019Multiple locations in Right-of-Way (approved 8-30-19)Oakwood, Blount Street, Capitol Square
COA-0095-2019415 N Person Street (approved 9-12-19)Blount Street
COA-0096-2019804 W South Street (approved 9-5-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0098-2019319 S Boylan Avenue (approved 9-12-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0101-2019602 E Lane Street (approved 9-12-19)Oakwood
COA-0103-2019121 Hillsborough StreetCapitol Square
COA-0104-2019706 Hinsdale Street (approved 9-12-19)Glenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0106-2019306 Elm Street (approved 9-12-19)Oakwood
COA-0107-2019412 E Jones Street (approved 10-11-19)Oakwood
COA-109-201999 N Salisbury Street (approved 9-23-19)Capitol Square
COA-113-2019319 E Lane Street (approved 10-11-19)Oakwood
COA-115-2019133 Fayetteville Street (approved 10-11-19)Old Masonic Temple Building
COA-117-20191807 Wills Avenue (approved 10-15-19)E.L. & Ruth Fogleman House
COA-118-20191204 E Lane Street (approved 10-15-19)Lemuel & Julia Delany House
COA-123-2019605 Polk Street (approved 10-16-19)Oakwood
COA-125-2019919 W South Street (approved 10-16-19)Boylan Heights
COA-127-2019703 N Bloodworth Street (approved 10-23-19)Oakwood
COA-130-2019405 E Franklin Street (approved 10-23-19)Oakwood
COA-0119-2019413 N East Street (approved 10-25-19)Oakwood
COA-0122-2019613 Wills Forest Street (approved 10-29-19)Glenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0124-2019123 N Bloodworth Street (approved 10-25-19)Oakwood
COA-0129-2019218 N East Street (approved 11-6-19)Oakwood
COA-0131-2019602 S Boylan Avenue (approved 10-24-19)Boylan Heights
COA-0135-20192120 White Oak Road (approved 11-6-19)Beaman House
BS-1-19Ray RdApproved 2-8-19
BS-2-19Edwards Mill RdApproved 2-6-19
BS-4-19Lash AvApproved 2-15-19
BS-5-19Virtuous StApproved 4-30-19
BS-6-19Brandon Station RdApproved 2-20-19
BS-7-19Unstead View DrApproved 3-19-19
BS-8-19Lake DrApproved 3-15-19
BS-11-19Forestville RdApproved 5-11-19
BS-13-19Overlook RdApproved 5-6-19
BS-14-19Landmark DrApproved 3-27-19
BS-15-19Umstead DrApproved 4-10-19
BS-20-19New Bern AvApproved 5-16-19
BS-24-19Rock Quarry RdApproved 6-18-19
BS-26-19Randolph Dr
Approved 4-12-19
BS-28-19Wake Forest RdApproved 5-24-19
BS-29-19Legan DrApproved 5-3-19
BS-33-19Parklake DrApproved 5-13-19
BS-35-19Brier Creek PkwyApproved 9-18-19
BS-37-19Spring Forest RdApproved 9-24-19
BS-26-19Edwards Mill RdApproved 5-29-19
BS-41-19Edwards Mill RdApproved 6-19-19
BS-42-19Deah WayApproved 10-3-19
BS-45-19Churchill RdApproved 6-20-19
BS-48-19London DrApproved 6-20-19
BS-49-18Colleton RdApproved 6-20-19
BS-57-19Cyress Club DrApproved 8-27-19
R-1-19S Pettigrew StApproved 6-18-19
R-2-19E. Edenton StApproved 4-30-19
Cowper DrApproved 2-4-19
R-5-19Chamberlain St
Approved 2-3-19
R-6-19Battery DrApproved 2-15-19
R-7-19New Birch DrApproved 3-27-19
R-10-19Macon PlApproved 3-27-19
R-12-19Tomahawk TrlApproved 6-20-19
R-13-19Wstrn BlvdApproved 5-21-19
Bickett BlvdApproved 3-1-19
R-15-19Woodburn RdApproved 3-6-19
R-16-19Water Mist LaApproved 3-6-19
R-17-19Chapel HIll RdApproved 5-8-19
R-18-19Duplin RdApproved 3-4-19
R-19-19Trrell RdApproved 4-3-19
R-21-19Six Forks RdApproved 4-26-19
R-23-19Harvey StApproved 3-19-19
Vance StApproved 3-20-19
R-28-19Sherrybrook DrApproved 3-21-19
R-30-19North HillsApproved 4-12-19
R-31-19Stone StApproved 3-21-19
R-33-19Smedes Pl
Approved 4-8-19
R-34-19N Person StApproved 4-17-19
R-38-19S New Hope RdApproved 6-19-19
R-40-19Milburnie RdApproved 9-3-19
R-41-19Parrish StApproved 8-13-19
R-42-19N West StApproved 5-31-19
R-45-19Stafford AvApproved 5-30-19
R-46-19Clark AvApproved 4-25-19
R-47-19W Lake DrApproved 5-22-19
R-48-19Six Forks RdApproved 4-23-19
R-49-19Daisy StApproved 5-22-19
R-50-19Pierce StApproved 5-21-19
R-51-19Trinity RdApproved 6-25-19
R-52-19Capital BlvdApproved 9-16-19
North Hills DrApproved 5-6-19
R-56-19Wakefield Pines DrApproved 6-21-19
R-57-19Maywood AvApproved 5-30-19
R-59-19St Mary St
Approved 6-12-19
R-62-19Brooks AvApproved 5-28-19
R-63-19Hillsborough StApproved 6-11-19
R-66-19Churchill RdApproved 6-6-19
R-69-19Alexander RdApproved 6-21-19
R-72-19Vinson CtApproved 9-12-19
R-75-19Lakeview DrApproved 7-29-19
R-80-19Scale StApproved 8-7-19
R-85-19Beckom StApproved 9-12-19
R-93-19Marvino LaApproved 8-20-19
RCMP-0007-2019Generosity CtApproved 10-1-19
RCMP-0017-2019Graham StApproved 8-20-19
RCMP-0021-2019Tanner Dr
Approved 9-23-19
RCMP-0025-2019Churchill RdApproved 8-20-19
RCMP-0029-2019Longleaf Estates Approved 10-1-19
RCMP-0040-2019Longleaf Estates DrApproved 9-3-19
RCMP-0043-2019Durant DrApproved 10-2-19
RCMP-0050-2019Marilyn DrApproved 9-25-19
RCMP-0055-2019Pinecrest RdApproved 11-18-19
RCMP-0059-2019Dell DrApproved 9-25-19
RCMP-0061-2019Perry Creek RdApproved 9-20-19
RCMP-0074-2019Dover DrApproved 10-30-19
RCMP-0076-2019Banbury RdApproved 11-15-19
RCMP-0080-2019Iredell DrApproved 10-21-19
RCMP-0085-2019Macaw StApproved 10-30-19
Princess Tree DrApproved 11-12-19
RCMP-0093-2019W Lenoir StApproved 11-12-19
S-59-19Kipawa St
Approved 5-31-19
SR-3-19Holt Physical Therapy/ 8600 Falls of Neuse Rd/ officeNorth
Carolina Country Club/ 2500 Glenwood Av/ club houseGlenwood
SR-5-19301 N West Street/ 301 N West St/mixed use North Central
SR-8-19Gables Motor Lodge/ 1217 Wake Forest Rd/ hotelMordecai
SR-9-19301 Hillsborough St/ 301 Hillsborough St/ mixed-useCentral
SR-11-199400 Brier Creek Parkway/ 9400 Brier Creek Parkway/ office, retail & restaurantNorthwest
SR-17-193609 Marcom Street/ 3609 Marcom St/residential duplexWest
SR-18-19York Elementary School/ 5201 Brookhaven Dr/ elementary schoolWest
ASR-SR-19-2019Home 2 Suites Raleigh/ 6110 & 6114 Corporate Ridge Rd/ hotelWest
ASR-SR-21-2019Vintage Jones Franklin/ 800/900 Jones Franklin RD & 5561/5571 Capital Center Dr/ multi-unit livingWest
ASR-SR-22-2019Bowstring Bar/ 1930 Wake Forest Rd. restaurant, barFive Points
ASR-SR-28-2019OHO Raleigh/ 3315 Poole Rd/ officeSoutheast
ASR-SR-33-2019Montfort Hall/ 308 S Boylan Av/ hotelCentral
ASR-0051-2019Walter Tower/4000 Front at North Hills StreetMidtown
ASR-60-20195701 Hillsborough St/ 5701 Hillsborough St/ apartmentWest
SUB-S-3-20197207 Carlton Dr/ 7207 Carlton Dr/ residentialForestville
S-4-19Gorman Burt/ 3709 Burt Dr/ residentialWest
S-5-19Glendale Park/1201 Glendale Dr/ single family lotsGlenwood
S-6-19Breeland Subdivision/ 12535 Strickland Rd/ single familyNorthwest
S-7-19Heather Subdivision/ 509 Heather Dr/ residentialWest
SUB-S-9-2019Garner Road Townhomes/ 2908 Garner Rd/ townhomesCentral
S-13-19Long Acres/ 400 Lamont St/ single familySoutheast
SUB-S-16-2019218 Maywood Dr/ 218 Maywood Dr/ townhomesNorthwest
S-27-19North Hills Drive 2 lot Subdivision/4818 North Hills Drive/single familyMidtown
Evans Place on Burt/3609 Burt Drive/ subdivisionWest


411 N East Street Oakwood
912 Williamson DriveRothstein House
1108 Glenwood AvenueGlenwood-Brooklyn
225 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
405 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
200 E Martin Street ROWMoore Square
1006 W Lenoir Street
Boylan Heights
101 Dupont Circle - Park
Boylan Heights
401 E Jones Street
513 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
324 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
218 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
304 N Person StreetOakwood
S Wilmington Street mid-block crossing ROWMoore Square
1012 W Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
106 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
520 Method RoadSaint James African Methodist Episcopal Church
405 Polk StreetOakwood
3108 Hillmer DriveNathanial Crabtree Jones Jr House
400 New Bern Avenue ROW Oakwood
412 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
218 N East StreetOakwood
212 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
401 N Person StreetOakwood
2312 Bedford AvenueOberlin Village
817 Brooklyn StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
426 S Person StreetPrince Hall
516 N Boundary StreetOakwood
047-18-MW 1804 Hillsborough StreetZM Caveness House
1012 W Cabarrus Street
Boylan Heights
207 E Hargett StreetMoore Square
506 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
533 Watauga StreetOakwood
312 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
1024 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
712 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
305 N Person StreetOakwood
602 E Lane StreetOakwood
119 E Hargett StreetMoore Square
407 N Person StreetOakwood
112 S Blount StreetMoore Square
412 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
730 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
118 S Person StreetMoore Square
15 W Hargett StreetOdd Fellows Building
301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
207 E Hargett StreetMoore Square
220 N East StreetOakwood
407 Polk StreetOakwood
5 W Hargett StreetThe Raleigh Banking and Trust Company Building
216 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
105 Brooks AvenueG. Milton Small and Associates Office Building
530 N Blount Street
Blount Street
549 N Blount StreetBlount Street
090-18-MW515 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
095-18-MW917 W South StreetBoylan Heights
096-18-MW507 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
097-18-MW217 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
098-18-MW608 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
099-18-MW113 S Wilmington Street Prairie Building
100-18-MW215 Pace StreetOakwood
101-18-MW1527 Tryon RoadCarolina Pines Hotel
102-18-MW417 N Blount StreetHiggs-Coble-Helms House
103-18-MW401 E Whitaker Mill RoadWake County Home
110-18-MW1000 Fayetteville StreetWashington Graded & High School
111-18-MW525 N Boundary StreetOakwood
112-18-MW211 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
113-18-MW519 Washington StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
114-18-MW304 N Person StreetOakwood
115-18-MW402 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
117-18-MW536 E Jones StreetOakwood
118-18-MW426 S Person StreetPrince Hall
119-18-MW208 E Franklin StreetBlount Street
120-18-MW320 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
121-18-MW1005 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
122-18-MW806 W South Street
Boylan Heights
123-18-MW1014 W Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
124-18-MW708 Saint Mary's StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
125-18-MW401 N Person StreetOakwood
126-18-MW320 E Jones StreetOakwood
130-18-MW514 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
132-18-MW304 N Person StreetOakwood
133-18-MW513 Watauga StreetOakwood
134-18-MW503 E Jones StreetHeck-Lee House/Oakwood
135-18-MW 227 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
136-18-MW510 Polk StreetOakwood
137-18-MW412 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
138-18-MW602 E Lane StreetOakwood
139-18-MW521 N Boundary StreetOakwood
140-18-MW329 Blake StreetMoore Square
141-18-MW723 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
142-18-MW321 E Lane StreetOakwood
143-18-MW1014 Oberlin RoadOberlin Village
144-18-MW501 S Person StreetPrince Hall
150-18-MW1020 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
151-18-MW 116 N Person StreetMarshall-Harris-Richardson House
152-18-MW110 E Hargett StreetMoore Square
153-18-MW127 New Bern PlaceCapital Apartments
154-18-MW613 Watauga StreetOakwood
COA-161-18412 Kinsey StreetBoyln Heights
COA-0162-2018506 Cleveland StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0163-2018215 N East StreetOakwood
COA-0164-2018700 Devereux StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0165-2018519 E Lane StreetOakwood
COA-0166-2018702 N Blount StreetBlount Street
COA-0167-2018713 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0168-2018526 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
COA-0169-2018408 E Lane StreetOakwood
COA-0170-20183227 Birnamwood RoadPaul & Ellen Welles House
COA-0171-2018409 E Jones StreetOakwood
COA-0172-20181104 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0173-2018518 N Person StreetOakwood
COA-0174-2018213 E South StreetPrince Hall
COA-0175-2018403 Elm StreetOakwood
COA-0176-20181102 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0177-2018400 Fayetteville StreetSir Walter Hotel
COA-0178-2018111 E Hargett StreetMoore Square
COA-0180-2018312 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
COA-0181-2018710 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
COA-0183-2018322 E Davie Street
Prince Hall
COA-0184-2018217 E Lenior StreetPrince Hall
COA-0188-2018527 Euclid StreetOakwood
COA-0189-2018233 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
COA-0191-2018400 Fayetteville StreetSir Walter Hotel
COA-0192-2018506 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0193-2018415 N Person StreetBlount Street
COA-0194-2018 200 E Edenton StreetCapitol Square
COA-0195-2018309 N Blount StreetHeck-Andrews House
COA-0196-2018404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
COA-0199-20181305 Filmore StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0200-20181315 Oakwood AvenueChapel, St. Augustine's College
COA-0201-2018709 Hinsdale StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-0202-2018301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
COA-0203-2018934 N Boylan AvenueGlenwood-Brooklyn
COA-204-2018804 W South StreetBoylan Heights
COA-0205-2018317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
BS-1-183000 Spring Forest Rd, New Head Quarters Strategic Connections
Approved 1-30-18
BS-2-18New Hope Rd, Maybrook Drive easementApproved 2-7-18
BS-3-18Longleaf Estate Dr, Longleaf Estate Phase 3Approved 3-21-18
BS-5-188009 Ortin La, tree conservationApproved 3-21-18
BS-6-18Farm Gate Rd, 2014 Sewer Line Rehab. ReplacementApproved 4-2-18
BS-7-187500 Ramble Wy, Easement Shoppes at GreenwayApproved 4-24-18
BS-8-18Chester Rd & Dover Rd, Sanitary Sewer EasementApproved 4-5-18
BS-9-188908 Midway West Rd, Dedication, Drainage and Easement PlatApproved 2-28-18
BS-10-18Grove Barton Rd & Pinecrest Rd, Jose and Carmen PropertyApproved 3-19-18
BS-11-184001 Capital Hills Dr/ Cheviot Lot 20Approved 3-7-18
BS-12-18Lead Mine Rd, Imperial Custom HomesApproved 3-7-18
BS-15-185401 Trinity Rd, Oxford Fund Select RaleighApproved 3-21-18
BS-17-182717 Glenwood Av, Emory Campbell LLCApproved 5-18-18
BS-18-18Dove Rd, New Lot 44 Wake HillsApproved 4-2-18
BS-19-18522 Edenton Easement RelocationApproved 4-5-18
BS-20-18Lineberry DrApproved 8-8-18
BS-21-18Centerbud Pl, Bolick Park Lots 16 & 17Approved 7-25-18
BS-22-18Brier Creek Pkwy, Mellow Mushroom at Brier Creek PkwyApproved 4-27-18
BS-23-18Louisburg Rd, The OasisApprove 4-25-18
BS-24-18GReywood DrApproved 11-30-18
BS-25-18113 Chamberlain St
Approved 5-15-18
BS-26-18Pinehall Plantation lots 47-48Approved 4-17-18
BS-27-18Pearl RdApproved 9-24-18
BS-28-18Pearl RdApproved 9-24-18
BS-29-18Blue Ridge Rd, Lots 1 & 2Approved 4-26-18
8908 & 8912 Ashton Garden Way
Approved 5-30-18
BS-31-18Ebenezer Church Rd, Hamptons at Umstead, Phase 1Approved 2-19-19
BS-32-18Ebenezer Church Rd, Hamptons at Umstead, Phase 2
Approved 2-19-19
BS-35-18W. Millbrook RdApproved 9-26-18
BS-37-18Skyland Ridge Pkwy, lot 2 TW Alexander Pl Phase 4Approved 7-9-18
BS-39-18pine DrApproved 5-1-19
BS-49-18Rest Haven Dr, Rest Haven Lot 8Approved 5-24-18
BS-51-18911 N West StApproved 6-5-18
BS-52-18Poole RD, Ajinomoto Office AdditionApproved 7-13-18
BS-53-18Dixie Forest RdApproved 7-16-18
BS-55-18Wake Forest RdApproved 11-19-18
BS-56-18Forestville Rd, Wake Cross Rd Baptist ChurchApproved 6-28-18
BS-57-185015 Stoneridge DrApproved 6-6-18
BS-58-18Corporate Center Dr, Post Parkside at WadeApproved 6-15-18
BS-59-18Catalano Dr, Catalano PlaceApproved 6-19-18
BS-61-18313 Forsyth StApproved 6-25-18
BS-62-18Wake Town DrApproved 9-27-18
BS-63-18Sumner BlvdApproved 12-18-18
BS-64-18Thornton RdApproved 8-3-18
BS-65-18Western BlvdApproved 8-1-18
BS-66-18Wolfpack LaApproved 6-25-18
BS-67-18S East StApproved 10-4-18
BS-68-18Poyner Village PkwyApproved 10-18-18
BS-69-18Cypress Club DrApproved 8-29-18
BS-70-18Maple StApproved 8-21-18
BS-71-18Maple StApproved 8-21-18
BS-72-18Tryon RdApproved 8-9-18
BS-73-18Falls of Neuse RdApproved 8-9-18
BS-74-18Trinity RdApproved 1-22-19
BS-77-18Pepsi WayApproved 10-29-18
BS-79-18Turf Grass CtApproved 11-14-18
BS-81-18Shawood DrApproved 9-17-18
BS-82-18Glenwood AvApproved 1-16-19
BS-84-18Ashe AvApproved 2-28-19
BS-85-18Thistledown DrApproved 4-26-19
BS-86-18Bellwood Forest CirApproved 11-19-18
BS-87-18Bellewood CirApproved 10-31-18
BS-89-18W. Peace StApproved 10-2-18
BS-90-18Creedmoor RdApproved 10-3-18
BS-91-18Atlantic Spring RdApproved 10-17-18
BS-92-18Wilderness RdApproved 11-9-18
BS-95-18Wade AvApproved 10-17-18
BS-96-18Leesville RdApproved 11-9-18
BS-98-18Gorman StApproved 1-9-19
BS-99-18Nottingham RdApproved 1-14-19
BS-100-18E Lee StApproved 2-6-19
BS-102-18Poole RdApproved 11-8-18
BS-103-18Buffaloe RdApproved 11-28-18
BS-105-18Glenwood AvApproved 2-12-19
Ridge Rd
Approved 11-21-18
BS-107-18National DrApproved 12-14-18
BS-108-18Noremac DrApproved 12-27-18
BS-109-18W Johnson StApproved 3-28-19
BS-110-18Sandy Forks RdApproved 12-11-18
BS-111-18S Harrington StApproved 6-4-19
BS-112-18Buffaloe RdApproved 2-1-19
BS-113-18Lynn RdApproved 12-20-18
BS-115-18Clark AvApproved 1-18-19
BS-116-18Midtown Market AvApproved 2-12-19
BS-117-18Shane DrApproved 1-22-19
BS-118-18W Morgan StApproved 1-29-19
BS-119-18Edwards Mill RdApproved 1-9-19
BS-120-18Perry Creek RdApproved 4-16-19
BS-121-18Capital Summit CtApproved 2-4-19
EX-1-18Globe Rd, CIP Brier Creek Lot 1 & 2Approved 12-4-18
EX-2-185900 Forestville Rd, Exempt SubdivisionApproved 2-13-18
EX-3-182350 Capital Summit Ct, Cheviot New Lot2, and New Lot3Approved 3-6-18
EX-5-18Perry Creek RdApproved 7-19-18
EX-6-18Glenwood AvApproved 11-15-18
EX-7-18Pope's Creek DrApproved 11-30-18
EX-9-18The Lakes DrApproved 1-22-19
R-1-18Brier Creek Parkway, Properties of BCRD HoldingsApproved 2-21-18
R-2-182717 Glenwood Av, Jackson Law Recombination
Approved 1-29-18
R-3-18Carolina Av, JC EDWARDS Residential RecombinationApproved 1-30-18
R-4-182320 Milburnie RdApproved 3-13-18
R-5-181419 Joe Louis AvApproved 2-6-18
R-6-18Farm Gate Rd, 2014 Sewer Line Rehab. ReplacementApproved 2-1-18
R-7-181423 Brooks Avenue, Lots 57, 58, & 59 RecombinationApproved 1-29-18
R-8-18Chester Rd & Dover Rd, Sanitary Sewer EasementApproved 3-27-18
R-9-18Sky Crest Dr, Azargoon Subdivision Lots 52-55Approved 4-30-18
R-10-183312 Lake Boone Tr, Highland United MethodistApproved 4-24-18
R-11-181211, 1215,& 1216 Barcroft Place Raleigh Custom Homes IncApproved 4-9-18
R-12-186808 Foxfire Pl, North Ridge Lot 54Approved 2-27-18
R-13-18Battery Dr, Battery HeightsApproved 3-1-18
R-14-18710, 712 & 714 Sherrybrook DrApproved 6-25-18
R-15-18418 Yarmouth Rd, Budleigh Lakeview Lots 8 & 9Approved 3-13-18
R-16-182900, 2913 & 0 Dover Farm Rd, Pondering The ViewApproved 4-12-18
R-17-185613 & 5615 Winthrop DrApproved 3-12-18
R-18-181234 Canterbury Rd, Sunset Hills Lot 92Approved 3-13-18
R-19-183314 Milton Rd, Drewery HillsApproved 4-10-18
R-20-18Litchford RdApproved 8-10-18
R-21-18Blue Ridge Rd, State of NC Blue Ridge RdApproved 7-5-18
R-22-18Cobbler Pl, Smith and TobeyApproved 4-5-18
R-23-18Garner St, Fairmont Lot 390, 391 & 392Approved 3-27-18
R-24-183501 Bellevue/ Bellevue Lots 45 & 46Approved 7-11-18
R-25-18Marlowe & Moye TractsApproved 6-18-19
R-28-188801 Durant Rd, MallinckrodtApproved 3-29-18
R-29-18Durant Rd, MallinckrodtApproved 5-30-18
R-30-18W. Peace St, Yvorne PropertiesApproved 4-4-18
R-31-18Hillsborough St, The StandardApproved 5-25-18
R-32-18East St, E Cabarrus and S East StApproved 4-12-18
R-33-18Ruffin St, New lot 32 WilmontApproved 4-12-18
R-34-18Bickett Blvd., Eliopoulos RecombinationApproved 4-17-18
R-39-19800 St. Marys StApproved 2-7-19
R-41-18Reaves Dr, Vanguard Park lotApproved 6-1-18
R-42-18Bickett Blvd, Hayes Barton Ext lots 97 & 98Approved 5-4-18
R-43-18Leyburn Ct, Singleton Pl Lots 6,7,8 & 9Approved 4-27-18
R-44-18Cranbrook Rd, Julie and Bradley KellyApproved 5-23-18
R-45-18Litchfield Downs La, Carbon 4 French 5 & 6Approved 5-9-18
R-47-18Anderson Dr, Hornaday Lots 19 & 20Approved 6-6-18
R-48-18Branch St, Passage Home BranchApproved 5-17-18
R-49-18Swann STApproved 7-26-18
R-50-18412 Bragg StApproved 6-12-18
R-51-18Fairview RdApproved 6-5-18
R-53-18Strickland RdApproved 10-23-18
R-54-18Angus Dr, Trusted FamilyApproved 5-23-18
R-55-18Toxey Dr, Woodrow ParkApproved 6-7-18
R-57-18French Lake DrApproved 5-30-18
R-58-18Manning Pl, Lot 5 Fythe Hills Lot 14Approved 5-22-18
Bellaire Av
AAproved 6-20-18
R-61-18Julian DrApproved 6-22-18
R-62-18Lenior StApproved 6-13-18
R-63-18Perry Creek Rd, 3109-3115 5401 north Easement Lots 15-17
Approved 5-23-18
R-64-18Avery Ferry RdApproved 5-10-19
R-65-18Strickland Rd
Approved 9-28-18
R-67-18Hillsborough St, Kathleen C HammonApproved 7-12-18
R-68-18Capital Hills DrApproved 12-14-18
R-69-18Hardwick Dr, Hardwick Bend SubdivisionApproved 6-18-18
R-72-18Cabarrus StApproved 7-2-18
R-73-18Old Elizabeth RdApproved 8-9-18
R-74-18E Martin StApproved 7-19-18
R-75-18Seawell AvApproved 7-30-18
R-76-18Tryon RdApproved 9-25-18
R-77-18Bellevue RdApproved 7-11-18
R-79-185613 & 5701 Wintrop DrApproved 7-2-18
R-81-18Brooks AvApproved 7-3-18
R-82-18Navaho DrApproved 8-8-18
R-84-18Cotton PlApproved 7-23-18
R-85-18Six Forks Rd, Chestnut HillsApproved 2-20-19
R-86-18Brooks AvApproved 7-20-18
R-88-18Southall RdApproved 2-26-19
R-89-18Pine DrApproved 8-7-18
R-90-18Bellevue RdApproved 8-7-18
R-93-18London DrApproved 8-27-18
R-94-18Everett AvApproved 9-10-18
R-95-18Wade Park Blvd
Approved 9-5-18
R-96-18Watkins StApproved 10-5-18
R-97-18Dover Farm RdApproved 8-20-18
R-99-18Cathedrall Bell RdApproved 10-11-18
R-100-18Lake Boone TrlApproved 8-22-18
R-101-18Canterbury RdApproved 9-21-18
R-102-18Grand AvApproved 10-5-18
R-103-18Western BlvdApproved 11-19-18
R-105-18S. Sanders StApproved 9-12-18
R-106-18Trintiy RdApproved 3-28-19
R-107-18E. Park DrApproved 10-10-18
R-108-18Bookside DrApproved 12-3-18
R-110-18Winthrop DrApproved 8-28-18
R-111-18National DrApproved 12-19-18
R-113-18Wake Forest RdApproved 4-17-19
R-114-18Battle Bridge RdApproved 12-28-18
R-115-18Rock Creek DrApproved 9-5-18
R-116-18Wilshire AvApproved 9-27-18
R-117-18Cooleemee DrApproved 10/10/18
R-118-18Evergreen AvApproved 10-5-18
R-119-18Tryon RdApproved 10-8-18
R-120-18Rock Quaryy RdApproved 9-25-18
R-121-18E. Jones StApproved 9-25-18
R-122-18Sunnybrook RdApproved 6-6-19
R-123-18Cyanne CirApproved 10-9-18
R-124-18Coleman StApproved 11-16-18
R-126-19Macaw StApproved 5-9-19
R-127-18Perry Creek RdApproved 12-4-18
R-128-18Alwin CtApproved 11-2-18
R-129-18Tolchester PlApproved 11-2-18
R-131-18McDoland LaApproved 12-31-18
R-132-18Cowper DrApproved 10-5-18
R-133-18Penn RdApproved 3-5-19
R-134-18Dunn RdApproved 10-17-18
R-135-18Dover RdApproved 11-5-18
R-136-18St Albans DrApproved 10-8-18
R-137-18Wall HIll RdApproved 12-5-18
R-139-18National AvApproved 10-29-18
R-140-18Kirby StApproved 10-22-18
R-141-18Rock Quarry RdApproved 10-30-18
R-144-18Sussex RdApproved 12-14-18
R-145-18Abington Ridge PlApproved 11-16-18
R-146-18Alexander RdApproved 11-27-18
R-147-18Six Forks RdApproved 12-3-18
R-149-19Mcmakin StApproved 12-17-18
R-150-18Filmore StApproved 11-28-18
R-151-18Falls of Neuse RdApproved 1-4-19
R-152-18Canterbury RdApproved 12-12-18
R-153-18Alpine DrApproved 1-9-19
R-154-18Carson StApproved 12-20-18
R-155-18Barmettler StApproved 1-9-19
R-156-18Medlin DrApproved 1-22-19
R-157-18ChavisApproved 12-20-18
R-158-18Battery DrApproved 1-18-19
R-160-18North Ridge DrApproved 12-21-18
R-161-18Gorman StApproved 12-19-18
R-163-18Oak Hollow Ct
Approved 9-26-19
R-164-18Churchill RdApproved 3-11-19
R-165-18Carr StApproved 1-7-19
R-167-18Kenmore DrApproved 1-15-19
S-1-18Shelley RdApproved 9-5-18
S-3-18Como DrApproved 9-26-18
S-8-18Carolina AvApproved 1-15-19
S-9-18Brier Creek PkwyApproved 7-5-18
S-10-18Milburnie RdApproved 9-11-18
S-11-18Steven RdApproved 9-10-18
S-14-18Powell DrApproved 11-20-18
S-15-18Grove Barton RdApproved 1-15-18
S-16-18Collingswood DrApproved 3-20-19
S-20-18Western BlvdApproved 1-31-19
S-23-18Buckhead DrApproved 11-29-18
S-26-18Barcroft PlApproved 3-13-19
S-28-18Perry Creek RdApproved 1-29-19
S-31-18Hunting Ridge RdApproved 4-4-19
S-32-18Springfield Commons DrApproved 8-27-19
S-53-18Midtown Market AvApproved 5-3-19
SR-1-18Nova Bland Road/4300 Bland Rd/Medical Office BuildingAtlantic

Pleasant Pines Townhomes/6300 Pleasant Pines Dr/Townhomes

SR-3-18Carnage Drive/ 1416 Carnage Dr/ apartmentsSouth Central
SR-4-18Trinity Woods Apartments/ 5732, 5700 & 5628 Trinity Rd/ apartmentsWest
The Station at Raleigh/ 4110 & 4200 Trinity Rd/ residentialWest
SR-6-18Triangle Pond Management/ 3717 Overlook Rd/ light industrialNorth
SR-7-183315 Atlantic Avenue/ 3315 Atlantic Avenue/ light industrialAtlantic
SR-8-18City Farm at 5401 North/ 7780 Midtown Market Av/ retailForestville
SR-9-18Triangle Shooting Academy/ 6501 Mt. Herman Rd/ Shooting rangeNorthwest
SR-11-18 RevisionSheetz Wakefield Pines Revision/ 2801 Wakefield Pines Dr/ commercialNorth
Raleigh Architecture/ 716 S. Saunders St/ officeCentral
Coastal Credit Union/ 7870 Brier Creek Pkwy/ bank/officeNorthwest
SR-14-18Raleigh Police SE District/2801, 2801 & 3401 new Birch Dr/ officeSouth
SR-15-18 John Chavis Memorial Park/ 505 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd/ community centerCentral
SR-16-18Hammond Business Place/ 3050, 3060 & 3080 Hammond Business Pl/ office-warehouseCentral
ASR-SR-19-18601 St. Mary's St/ 601 St. Mary's St/ OfficeHillsborough
SR-20-18Brier Creek Medical Office/ 7901 ACC Blvd/ Medical officeNorthwest
SR-21-18Abbington Village/ 2925 & 2929 Forestville Rd/ residential/apartmentsForestville
SR-24-18Rainbow Daycare/ 8402 Darton Way/ DaycareForestville
SR-25-18Glenwood Place Apartments/ 3710 Exchange Place and 3639 Alamance Dr/ apartments and retailGlenwood
SR-27-18Leith Lincoln & Leith Acura/ 4001 Capital Hills Dr & 2350 Capital Summit Ct/ automobile dealershipNorth
SR-29-18Hanover Woodlake/ 2521 & 2520 Landmark Dr/ apartmentsNorthwest
SR-30-18Bedford Village/ 1500 & 1540 Dunn Rd/ retail, restaurant & residentialNorth
SR-31-18Tin Roof Restaurant and Bar/ 300 Glenwood Av/ restaurant & barHillsborough
SR-32-18Grove Barton Retail Addition/ 4800 Grove Barton Way/ retailNorthwest
SR-33-18Paris Lounge/ 5500-103 Atlantic Springs/ bar & loungeNorth
SR-34-18Cardamon Market/ 1605 Ranold Dr/ retailAtlantic
SR-35-18Clark Avenue Condos/ 2204 Garden Pl, 101 Enterprise St & 2303 Clark Av/ condosWade
SR-36-18Leesville Medical Office/ 9305 Leesville Rd/ medical officeNorthwest
SR-37-18Stough Elementary School/ 4210 Edwards Mill Rd/ Public elementary schoolNorthwest
SR-38-18Learning Care Academy/ 11370 Common Oaks Dr/ PreschoolEast Raleigh
SR-40-18North Raleigh Radiator and Automotive/ 5312 Atlantic Springs Rd/ Vehicle repairEast Raleigh
SR-41-1813100 Falls of Neuse Rd/ 13100 Falls of Neuse Rd/ restaurant/ retailNorth
SR-43-18Tryon Road Condos/ 3704 Tryon Rd/ CondominiumWest
ASR-SR-46-20181031 Gardner ST/ 1031 Gardner St/ DuplexWade
SR-47-18James River Equipment/ 4161 Aubum Church Rd/ construction equipment rentalSouth
SR-48-18South Street Condos/ 601, 607, 609, 611, 615, 617 W South St & 7125 S. Saunders St/ condosCentral
SR-49-18WTCC Automotive and Collision/ 6851 Perry Creek Rd/ institutionalForestville
SR-51-18Conn Elementary School/ 1220 Brookside Dr/ existing elementary schoolEast
SR-52-18Carson Street/ 1500, 1512 & 1520 Carson St/ Multi-familyFive Points
SR-53-18Trophy Brewing and Pizza/ 819 W. Morgan St/ Brew Pub expansionHillsborough
SR-55-183800 Glenwood/ 3701 National Dr/ Mixed-use office buildingGlenwood
SR-56-18800 St Marys Street/ 800 St Marys Street/ multifamily residentialFive Points
SR-59-18Block 83/ 623,621, 615 Hillsborough St & 11 S Boylan Av/ Mixed-use office and retailHillsborough
SR-60-18625 New Bern Avenue/ 608 New Bern Avenue/ Multi-unit livingNorth Central
SR-61-189650 Brier Creek Pkwy/ 9650 Brier Creek Pkwy/ Restaurant/personal serviceNorthwest
SR-62-18Highland Express Shuttle Service/ 4209 Willow Oaks Rd/ OfficeNortheast
SR-63-18Southgate Shopping Center Phase 2/ 1600 Cross Link/ retail & restaurantSouth
SR-64-18821 Wake Forest Rd/ 821 Wake Forest Rd/ OfficeMordecai
SR-66-18Pooleside Pies/ 428 S. Mcdowell St/ restaurant & barCentral
SR-67-18710 W. Johnson St/ 710 W. Johnson St/ BarHillsborough
SR-68-18Beacon Ridge/ 2003 S. State St/ apartmentsSouth
SR-69-18Sherwin-Williams at Brier Creek/ 9550 Brier Creek Pkwy/ Retail salesNorthwest
SR-70-18 Revised3020 Hillsborough/ Hillsborough and Dixie Trl/ Mixed-use (retail & apartments)Wade
SR-71-18Revision- Technology Park/ 10400 Little Brier Creek Lane/ hotel & officeNorthwest
SR-72-18Xpress Auto Center/ 713 S. New Hope Rd/ Auto oil changeSoutheast
SR-73-18Sojourn Glenwood Place II/ 3700 & 3716 National Dr & 3777 Exchange Glenwood Place/ Mixed use (residential & retail)Glenwood
SR-76-18The Wade/ 620 Wade Ave/ residential condoFive Points
SR-77-18Nova Six Forks Medical Office/ 5241 Six Forks/ medical officeMidtown
SR-79-18University Park Condos/ 3411 Hillsborough St/ condosNortheast
SR-81-18Craftsman Drive Flex Office/ 4220 Craftsman Dr/ Flex officeAtlantic
ASR-SR-84-2019Integrity Self Storage/ 3430 Integrity Self Storage/ Self- storageSouth
SR-86-18Wakefield Professional Plaza/ 11005 & 11009 Ingleside Pl/ Medical officeNorth
SR-87-18Noir Bar & Lounge/ 425 Glenwood Av/ NightclubHillsborough
SR-88-18832 Wake Forest Rd/ 832 Wake Forest Rd/ OfficeMordecai
SR-89-18Springfield Retail/ 832 Springfield Commons/ retailNorth
SR-90-18Brier Creek Town Center Westin Hotel/ 8001 Development Dr/ hotelNorthwest
SR-93-18Markets at Rock Quarry Lot 3/ 6220 Battle Bridge Rd/ retail, restaurant and vehicle repairSouthest
SR-94-18Iglesia Nuevo Renacer/ 4400 Pearl Rd/ InstitutionalSouth
SR-96-18911 West/ 911 N. West Street/ Retail and officeMordecai
SR-97-18Smokey Hollow II/ 506, 516, 520 & 524 N West & 413 N Harrington St/ Mixed useNorth Central
SR-98-18Nash Square Hotel/ 227, 223, 221 & 219 W. Martin ST & 303, 307 S. Dawson St/ Mixed use (hotel & restaurant)Central
SR-100-18Block 83 Parking Deck/ 701 & 709 Hillsborough St/ Parking deck, retail, restaurant, bar & OfficeHillsborough
SR-101-18The Cardinal II at North Hills Expansion/ 320 St Albans Dr/ Retirement communityMidtown
SR-102-18Bojangles Restaurant/ 1541 Sunday Dr/ RestaurantWest
SR-103-18Jolie/ 620 N. Person St/ RestaurantMordecai
SR-104-18Wake County ABC Store Expansion/ 7112 Sandy Forks Rd/ Retail salesNorth
SR-106-18Wake County ABC Store/ 6809 Davis Cir/ Retail salesNorthwest
SR-108-18502 W Lenoir St/ 502 W. Lenoir St/ RestaurantCentral
SR-109-182401 Stafford Renovation/ 2401 Stafford Av/ ApartmentsHillsborough
SR-110-18Franklin Christoph/ 4550 Preslyn Dr/ ManufacturingNorth
SR-111-18 The Cypress of Raleigh Phase 3 - Villa E/ 8710 Cypress Club Dr/ life care community, residentialNorth
SR-113-18Rosewater Kitchen & Bar/ 110 Park at North Hills St/ restaurantMidtown
SR-114-182413 Blue Ridge Rd/ 2413 Blue Ridge Rd/ officeNorthwest
SR-115-18Collection Brewing/ 1911 Sego Ct/ brewery & tasting roomNorth
SR-116-18Glenlake VII/ 4123 Parklake Av/ officeNorthwest
SR-117-18Farmington Square Lots 4 & 5/ 2802 & 2818 New Birch Dr/ shopping centerSouth
SR-119-18309 Brooklyn/ 809 Brooklyn St/ house buildingFive Point
SR-120-18Lumley Road hotel/ 8091 Arco Corporate Dr/ hotelNorthwest
The Enclave at Shelley Rd/ 601 & 622 Shelley Rd/ residentialMidtown
S-2-18Riverwalk Townhomes/ 7000 Acon Cir/ residential
S-3-18Jiles Subdivision/ 2530 Garner Rd/ residentialCentral
S-4-18Jones Franklin Townes/ 503, 507 & 511 Jones Franklin Rd/ duplex lotsWest
S-5-18Fox Rd Townhomes/ 6100 Fox Rd/ TownhomesNortheast
S-6-18Thornton Reserve/ 5000 Thornton Rd/ townhomesForestville
Edgemont Reserve 1/ 3419 Edgemont Dr/ single family lotsNorthwest
S-8-18Bedford Village/ 1500 & 1540 Dunn Rd/ retail, restaurant & residentialWest
BCRD Brier Creek/ 9550 Brier Creek Pkwy/ commercialNorthwest
S-10-18Milburnie Rd/ 2320 Milburnie Rd/ single familyEast Raleigh
Stevens Rd/ 2367 Steven Rd/ single familyEast Raleigh
S-12-18Edgemont Reserve II/ 3412, 3416 Edgemont Dr/ Single familyNorthwest
S-13-18Brier Creek-Aviation Parkway South/ 10864 Globe Rd/ retailNorthwest
S-14-18Powell Drive 704 Powell Dr/ residentialWest
S-15-18Grove Barton Retail Addition/ 4800 Grove Barton Way/ retailNorthwest
S-16-18Midtown Collingswood/ 5212 Collingswood Dr/ single family lotsSouth Central
S-17-18Piedmont Point/ 2018, 2020 Seneca Dr & 2019 Piedmont Dr/ ResidentialNortheast
S-18-18Eva Mae Townhomes/ 1419 Bethel Rd, 4418 Martha St/ TownhomesSouthwest

540 West / 1700, 1800 & 3500 Old Milburnie Rd, 1808 Wall Hill Rd & 3501 Old Barbee La/ single family residential

S-20-18Western Pine Land/ 5006 & 5008 Western Blvd/ residentialWest
S-22-18Trinity Brownstone II/ 5801 Trinity Rd/ ResidentialWest
S-23-18North Ridge Staghorn/ 6901 Buckhead Dr/ two single-family lotsNorth
S-24-18Moss Subdivision/ Como Dr/ ResidentialCentral
S-26-181207 Barcroft Place/ 1207 Barcroft Place/ Single familyNorth
S-28-185401 North - Phases 15-16 amendment/ 5306 Daydream Dr, 6535 Perry Creek Rd/ residentialForestville
S-29-18Magnolia Trace / 3104 Southall Rd/ TownhomesNortheast
S-30-18North Ridge Block 10. Lot 14/ 1208 Hunting Ridge Rd/ ResidentialNorth
S-31-18North Rodge Block 10. Lot 22 / 1308 Hunting Ridge Rd/ ResidentialNorth
S-32-18832 Springfield / 832 Springfield Commons Dr/ RetailNorth
S-34-18Cadence at Town Center/ 6301 Triangle Town Blvd./ Residential, townhomesNorthest
S-35-18Belmont Phase 5/ 4820 Healthshire Dr/ ResidentialNortheast
S-39-18Pine Dr/ 2126 Pine Dr/ ResidentialFive Points
S-41-18Stoneridge Estate/ 3901 Ebenezer Church Rd/ Single familyNorthwest
S-42-18Century Drive Hotel/ 2101 Century Drive/ HotelGlenwood
S-43-18906 Chaney Rd/ 906 Chaney Rd/ residentialWest
S-45-185613 Winthrop Dr/ 5613 Winthrop Dr/ Single familyNorthwest
S-50-18Pines Hollow Estates/ 13001 Strickland Rd/ Single familyNorthwest
S-51-18Battery Heights, Lot 120/ 1332 Battery Drive/ ResidentialSouth Central
S-53-185401 North/ 7741 Midtown Market Av/Mixed useForestville
SUB-S-56-2018Wildcat Branch/ 3124 Garner Rd/ TownhomesCentral
SUB-S-57-2018One Moore / 1311 Ridge Rd/ Single-family lotsGlenwood
S-58-18Macon Pond/2923 Edwards Mill Rd/ Medical officeNorthwest
S-59-18Midtown Kipawa/ 2118 Kipawa St/ Single-family lotsGlenwood
S-60-18Parc at Leesville / 7000 Leesville Rd/ TownhomesNorthwest
SUB-S-63-2018Milburnie Ridge/ 3231 Old Milburnie Rd/ Single-familyForestville
S-65-18Millbank Infill/ 2210 Millbank St/ residentialEast Raleigh
S-67-18Poole Subdivision/ 601, 635 & 639 Rawls Dr. & 3117, 3123,& 3209 Poole RdEast Raleigh
S-68-18WYKOFF/ 8410/ 8412 Old Lead Mine Rd/ townhomes
S-69-18Watkins Subdivision/ 2301 Watkins St/ single familyEast Raleigh


205-16-MW1024 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
007-17-MW549 N Blount Street (ROW) Multiple
008-18-MW15 E Martin StreetMoore Square
009-17-MW0 E Lane StreetOakwood
010-17-MW214 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
011-17-MW814 Oberlin RoadPlummer T Hall
012-17-MW4 N Blount StreetCapitol Square
013-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
014-17-MW701 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
015-17-MW513 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
016-17-MW218 S Blount StreetMoore Square
017-17-MW300 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
027-17-MW326 Pell StreetOakwood
028-17-MW314 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
030-17-MW 610 Polk Street Oakwood
032-17-MW 1014 W Cabarrus Street Boylan Heights
039-17-MW604 N Blount StreetBlount Street
040-17-MW19-104 W Hargett StreetOdd Fellows Building
041-17-MW200 Elm StreetOakwood
044-17-MW404 Elm StreetOakwood
045-17-MW500 Polk StreetOakwood
046-17-MW910 W South StreetBoylan Heights
047-17-MW313 Polk StreetOakwood
048-17-MW206 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
049-17-MW414 New Bern AvenueOakwood
050-17-MW1110 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
051-17-MW516 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
052-17-MW501 New Bern AvenueOakwood
053-17-MW218 Pace StreetBlount Street
054-17-MW121 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
055-17-MW520 N Blount StreetBlount Street
056-17-MW1024 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
057-17-MW411 N Blount StreetBlount Street
058-17-MW518 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
059-17-MW508 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
060-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
061-17-MW417 N Blount StreetBlount Street
062-17-MW535 N East Street
063-17-MW312 N Person StreetOakwood
074-17-MW524 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
075-17-MW311 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
076-17-MW123 E Martin StreetMoore Square
077-17-MW417 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
078-17-MW502 E Franklin StreetOakwood
079-17-MW414 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
080-17-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
081-17-MW200 Edenton StreetCapitol Square
082-17-MW120 E Edenton StreetCapitol Square
083-17-MW502 E Franklin StOakwood
084-17-MW1002 Oberlin RoadJohn T and Mary Turner House
085-17-MW16 W Martin StreetCapital Club Building
086-17-MW324 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
087-17-MW519 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
092-17-MW222 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
093-17-MW216 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
094-17-MW106 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
095-17-MW219 E North StreetBlount Street
096-17-MW523 Elm StreetOakwood
097-17-MW1007 W South StreetBoylan Heights
099-17-MW421 N Blount StreetBlount Street
100-17-MW519 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
106-17-CA414-416 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
107-17-CA16 W Martin StreetCapital Club Building
108-17-CA613 Polk StreetOakwood
109-17-CA508 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
110-17-CA620 N East StreetOakwood
111-17-CA715 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
112-17-CA101 S Blount StreetMoore Square
113-17-MW708 St. Mary's StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
114-17-MW516 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
115-17-MW407 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
116-17-MW216 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
117-17-MW301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
118-17-MW218 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
119-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
120-17-MW215 Pace StreetBlount Street
121-17-MW720 N Bloodworth StOakwood
122-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
130-17-CA422 N Person StreetOakwood
131-17-CA324 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
132-17-CA321 S Blount StreetMoore Square
133-17-CA309 N Blount StreetHeck-Andrews House
134-17-CA422 E Jones StreetOakwood
135-17-CA311 E Lane StreetOakwood
136-17-MW233 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
141-17-MW415 N Boundary StreetOakwood
142-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
143-17-MW105 S Bloodworth StreetOakwood
144-17-MW417 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
145-17-MW506 N Boundary StreetOakwood
146-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
147-17-MW324 Pell StreetOakwood
148-17-MW227 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
149-17-MW500 N Boundary StreetOakwood
150-17-MW417 N Blount StreetBlount Street
154-17-MW306 Elm StreetOakwood
155-17-MW115 W Morgan StreetRaleigh Water Tower
156-17-MW105 E Martin StreetMoore Square
157-17-MW501 N Boundary StreetOakwood
158-17-MW704 N East StreetOakwood
159-17-MW119 E Hargett StreetRaleigh Furniture Building
160-17-MW519 E Jones StreetOakwood
161-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
162-17-MW708 McCulloch StreetBoylan Heights
163-17-MW15 E Peace StreetBlount Street
164-17-MW307 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
166-17-MW200 E Edenton StreetCapitol Square
167-17-MW616 N East Street Oakwood
168-17-MW502 Adams StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
169-17-MW312 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
170-17-MW1108 Glenwood AvenueGlenwood-Brooklyn
171-17-MW723 St. Mary's StreetBroughton High School
172-17-MW609 Leonidas CourtOakwood
173-17-MW712 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
178-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
179-17-MW414 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
180-17-MW723 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
181-17-MW525 N East StreetOakwood
182-17-MW209 Linden AvenueOakwood
183-17-MW709 Hinsdale StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
184-17-MW503 Polk StreetOakwood
185-17-MW311 E Lane StreetOakwood
186-17-MW723 St Mary's StreetBroughton High School
187-17-MW300 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
188-17-MW700 Devereaux StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
189-17-MWDupont Circle - ROW - ParkBoylan Heights
190-17-MW201 S Blount StreetMoore Square

SR-2-17Corporation Recreation Field/ 1751 Corporation Pkwy/ Recreation fieldNorthwest
ASR-SR-3-2017McDowell Street hotel/ 431 S McDowell St/ HotelCentral
SR-4-17Popeye's - Capital/ 3316 Capital Blvd./ RestaurantNortheast
SR-6-17Greenway Village/ 7500 Ramble Way/ RetailForestville
SR-7-17Deme Motors/ 7209 Becky Circle/ Auto SalesNorth
SR-8-17Nutri-Lawn/ 8825 Midway West Rd/ Industrial Mixed useNorthwest
SR-9-17400 H/ 400 Hillsborough St/ Mixed useNorth Central
SR-11-17State Employees Credit Union/ 7800 TW Alexander Dr/ OfficeNorthwest
SR-12-17Family Dollar/ 3110 Garner Rd/ RetailCentral
SR-13-17Parrish Manor Clubhouse/ 4191 Parrish Manor Dr/ ClubhouseSouth
SR-15-17Innovative Fabrication/ 1730 & 1718 Roundrock Dr/ Flex WarehouseNorth
SR-16-17Leith Auto Center Expansion/ 5800 Oak Forest Dr & 5603 Capital Blvd/ Warehouse and Inventory storageNorth
SR-17-17751 Raleigh Corporate Center/ 751 Raleigh Corporate Center/ Office BuildingWest
SR-19-17Sunnybrook Pointe Apartment/ 413 Sunnybrook Rd/ Multi-familySoutheast
SR-20-17Cathedral Parish Hall Gymnasium/ 2401 Crusader Dr./ Church GymSouthwest
SR-21-17 Guest House/ 420 S. Bloodworth St/ InnCentral
SR-22-17LIDL Grocery Store/ 4115 Buffaloe Rd/ Grocery StoreNortheast
SR-23-17The Aspens at Bedford Falls/ 11110 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Congregate CareNorth
SR-24-17Quarry Trace Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
SR-25-17Staybridge Suites/ 8001 ACC Blvd/ HotelNorthwest
SR-26-17Jeffers Law Firm/ 918 New Bern Av/ OfficeSouth Central
SR-27-17The Reserve at North Hills/ 901 St Albans Dr/ Life Care CommunityMidtown
SR-28-17Homewood Banks Apartments/ 5510 Homewood Banks Dr and 3921 Stony Crest Rd/ ApartmentsNorthwest
SR-30-178908 Midway West Rd/ 8905 Midway West Rd/ Vehicle RestaurantNorthwest
SR-31-17Eagles at Poyner Place/ 8051 Target Side Dr/ RetailNortheast
SR-32-17Cardinal Outdoor Storage/ 4306 New Bern Av/ Limited Outdoor StorageSoutheast
SR-33-17Care First Animal Hospital/ 1216 Oberlin Rd/ Animal HospitalHillsborough
SR-34-17ALDI Sunrise Valley Place/ 2900 Sunrise Valley Place/ Aldi GroceryNortheast
SR-36-17Fourth Ward/ 722, 724 & 726 S. Saunders St, 606 & 608 Dorothea Dr/ Residential apartmentsCentral
SR-38-17Oberlin Condominium/ 904 Oberlin Rd/ Residential CondominiumsHillsborough
SR-39-17Krav Maga/ 731 W. Hargett St/ Indoor RecreationHillsborough
SR-40-17The Piedmont Raleigh Apartment/ 6100 Triangle Town Blvd/ Apartment ComplexNortheast
SR-41-17Booker Park North/ 1901 Booker Dr/ Congregate Care Senior LivingNorth Central
SR-42-17Cambridge Village/ 7950 ACC Blvd/ Congregate CareNorthwest
SR-43-17Hillstone Cameron Village/ 305 Oberlin Rd/ ApartmentWade
SR-44-17Mellow Mushroom/ 9600 Brier Creek Pwky/ restaurantNorthwest
SR-45-17OReilly Auto / 6106 Corporate Ridge Rd/ retail salesWest
SR-46-17Wade Park V/ 5438 & 5440 Wake Park Blvd/ office and retailWest
SR-47-17South East YMCA/ WCPSS School E-46/ 1436 & 1440 Rock Quarry Rd/ YMCA and Public SchoolSouth
SR-48-17Tri-Lift NC, INC/ 4116 Virtuous St/ WarehouseWest
SR-51-17Longview Apartments/ 101 Poe Dr/ ApartmentsEast Raleigh
SR-52-17Askew Taylor Building/ 110 Glenwood Av/ Assembly/BusinessHillsborough
SR-53-17Drive Shack Raleigh/1021 Corporate Center Dr/ outdoor sports and entertainment facilityWest
SR-54-17Post Parkside at Wade, Apartments Phase III/ 1501 Corporate Center Dr/ ApartmentsWest
SR-55-17Sam's Xpress Car Wash/ 2224 Dixie Forest Rd/ Car WashNorth
SR-57-17North Hills East Gaddy/ 500 St. Albans Dr/ ApartmentsMidtown
SR-58-17Strategic Connections/ 3000 Spring Forest Rd/ Warehouse and OfficeNorth
SR-59-17Tryon Road Convenience Store/ 3428 Tryon Rd/ Convenience Store and gas pumpWest
SR-60-17Barton Pond Elementary (E-24)/ 12004 Strickland Rd/ Public SchoolNorthwest
SR-61-17Sam's Gas Canopy/ 2310 Dixie Forest Rd/ Vehicle Fuel SalesNorth
SR-62-172709 & 2717 Glenwood Av/ 2709 & 2717 Glenwood Av/ OfficeGlenwood
SR-63-17Jaguar Land Rover Raleigh/ Capital Hills Drive/ Automobile DealershipNorth
SR-65-17Duke Raleigh hospital New Inpatient Tower/ 3400 Wake Forest Rd/ InstitutionalAtlantic
SR-66-17JDS Consulting/ 6312 Angus Dr/ OfficeNorthwest
SR-67-17Oak City Multi-Service Center/ 1430 S. Wilmington St/ service for the homelessSouthwest
SR-68-17800 St Marys St/ 800 St Marys St/ multi family residentialFive Points
SR-69-17Bimmer Performance Center/ 5014 Departure Dr/ Auto ServiceNorth
SR-70-17Pullen Arts Center/ 105 Pullen Rd/ CivicHillsborough
SR-71-17Preservation NC Offices/ 814 Oberlin Rd/ Office Revision
SR-72-17Stone's Warehouse Commercial/ 419 South East St/ Mixed useSouth Central
SR-73-17Hubrich Self Storage/ 420 Chapanoke Rd/ self storage, townhomes, common access lotSouthwest
SR-74-17911 N West St/ 911 N West St/ retail and officeMordecai
SR-76-17Wilmington Street Partners/ 211 S. Wilmington St/ RestaurantCentral
SR-77-17Home2 Suites Raleigh/ 3951 Sumner Blvd./ HotelNortheast
SR-78-17Capital Boulevard Brewery/ 1380 Capital Blvd./ BreweryMordecai
SR-81-17Camp Bow Wow/ 2716 Discovery Dr/ Doggie DaycareNorth
SR-83-17104 Ashe Avenue / 104 Asha Avenue/ ApartmentsHillsborough
SR-84-17103 Park Avenue/ 103 Park Avenue / ApartmentHillsborough
SR-85-17The Standard/ 3101 Hillsborough St/ ApartmentsWade
SR-87-17GreenShield Organic/ 7000 Cynrow Blvd./ Distribution North
SR-88-17Marriott TownePlace Suites/ 3771 Thistledown Dr./ Overnight LodgingWest
SR-90-17 Heck-Andrews House Renovations/ 309 N Blount St/ Office and Events outsideNorth Central
SR-91-17The Loft/ 2109 Rammette St., 3338 & 3410 Tryon Rd./ ApartmentsSouthwest
SR-92-17Six Forks Office 1/ 4830 & 4824 Six Forks Rd/ OfficeMidtown
SR-93-17New Hope EMS/ Fox Rd/ Emergency Medical StationForestville
SR-95-17Craft Bar/ 3 Glenwood Av/ BarHillsborough
SR-96-17The Willard/ 9 & 21 Glenwood Av/ commercialHillsborough
SR-97-17Centennial Bend/ 2721 & 2723 Avent Ferry Rd/ duplexesSouthwest
SR-99-17Skyland Ridge lot 2/ 7850, 7860 & 7870 Brier Creek PKWY/ restaurant, retail and medical officeNorthwest
SR-101-17Exchange II/ 9200 Bruckhaus St/ apartmentsNorthwest
SR-103-17107 West Hargett St/ 107 West Hargett St/ restaurant(s) and OfficesCentral
SR-104-17The Learning Experience Daycare/ 8050 Target Side Dr/ DaycareNortheast
SR-105-175932 Sandy Forks Rd/ 5932 Sandy Forks Rd/ officeNorth
SR-107-17Wiley Elementary School/ 301 St Mary St/ Public Elementary SchoolHillsborough
SR-108-17323 S East Street/ 323 S East Street/ attached houseSouth Central
SR-109-17Closets By Design/ 4500 Atlantic Av/ light manufacturingAtlantic
SR-110-17Zackery Michael Office Building/2449 Lynn Rd./Office BuildingNorthwest
S-1-17Two Glenwood Subdivision/ 607 W Morgan St/ Hotel and Parking DeckHillsborough
S-2-17Westridge Lot 13/ 2320 Windy Woods Dr/ single familyNorthwest
S-3-17East College Park Townhomes/ various addresses/ TownhomesNorth Central
S-4-17The Summit Church/ 3941 Capital Hills Dr/ Place of WorshipNorth
S-5-17 Pine Trace/ 169 Pineland Cir/ single family lotsWest
S-7-17North Ridge Subdivision/ 1124 Plateau La/ single family lotsNorth
S-9-17Hickory Subdivision/ 300 Hickory Rd/ residentialNorth
S-10-17HFD-809 Glascock/ 809 Glascock St/ residentialEast Raleigh
S-11-17Gower Subdivision/ 6015 Jeffreys Grove School Rd/ single family residentialNorthwest
S-12-17East College Park Townhomes/ 1810 Oakwood Av./ TownhomesNorth Central
S-14-172526 Creech Rd/ 2526 Creech Rd/ ResidentialSouth
S-15-17Carson Subdivision/ 1700 Carson St/ single familyFive Points
S-16-17East College Park Townhomes Site 4/ various addresses N. Carver St and Boyer St/ townhomesNorth Central
S-17-17Hubrich Subdivision/ 420 Chapanoke Rd/ Self storage, TownhomesSouthwest
S-18-17Lockwood/ 1019 Brighton Rd/ single familyEast Raleigh
S-19-17Arlington Street/ 1809 Arlington Street/ single family residentialWade
S-20-17Westgate Park Phase 4/ 8890 Westgate Park Dr/ IndustrialNorthwest
S-21-17Southeast Raleigh YMCA/ 1436 & 1440 Rock Quarry Rd and 2003 S. State Street/ Mixed UseSouth
S-22-17Burt Drive/ 3806 Burt Dr/single familyWest
S-23-17Brier Creek Aviation Parkway North/ 11109 Glenwood Av and 2501 TW Alexander DrNorthwest
S-24-17East College Park Townhomes Site 3/ 22,26 & 36 N. Carver St.,/ Residential townhomesNorth Central
S-25-17Pinecrest Road/ 7512 & 7524 Pinecrest Rd/ single familyNorthwest
S-27-17Greshams Lake View/ 7521 Haymarket La/ single family lotsNorth
S-28-17FHD - 522 Edenton/ 522 Edenton St/ residentialNorth Central
S-29-175401 North Apartments/ 7740 Midtown Market Way/ apartmentsForestville
S-30-17Dixon Drive Subdivision/ 5206 & 5210 Dixon Dr/ residentialMidtown
S-31-171021 Corporate Center Drive /1021 Corporate Center Dr/ Golf entertainment facility and restaurantWest
S-33-172010 Pine Drive/ 2010 Pine Drive/ single familyFive Points
S-35-175401 North Lots 11 & 12/ 7740 & 7741 Midtown Market Av/ Mixed useForestville
S-36-17Farrior Hills Block N/4322 Lambeth Dr/ single familyBig Branch
S-37-173315 Atlantic Av/ 3315 Atlantic Av/ light industrialAtlantic
S-38-17Longview Apartments/ 101 Poe Dr/ apartmentsEast Raleigh
S-39-17Kent Road/ 1328 & 1330 Kent Rd/ single familyBig Branch
S-40-17West Street Townhomes, Phase II, 516 & 504 W. South St/ single familyCentral
S-41-17716 Donnelly Street/ 716 Donnelly St/ single familyEast Raleigh
S-42-171108 S. State Subdivision/ 1108 S. State St/ single familySouth Central
S-43-17Cameron Forest/ 2502 Mayview Rd/ single family lotsWade
S-44-17Poyner Place / 8050 Target Side Dr/ Commercial/Retail/DaycareNortheast
S-45-17102 N. Tarboro/ 102 N. Tarboro/ single family lotsNorth Central
S-46-17East II North Hills/ 500 & 600 St. Albans Dr./ Mixed Use-Office and residentialNorth Central
S-47-171025 Gregg Street Subdivision/1025 Gregg St/Single-familySouth Central
S-48-17Camelot Village II/ 4772 Queen Pierrette St, 4328 & 4313 Pearl Rd and 4425 Lord Mario Ct/ single family and townhomesSouth
Dome Properties/ 518 cape Av/ townhomes Central
S-50-17St. Mary Subdivision/ 414,416 & 418 St. Mary St/ townhomesHillsborough
S-52-172000 Pine Drive/ 2000 Pine Drive/ single familyFive Points
S-54-17Arbutus Dr/ 4212 Arbutus Dr/ residentialNorthwest
S-55-17RHYS Park/ 1201 Manchester Dr/ single family lotsMidtown
S-56-17 4217 Lambeth Drive Estate/ 4217 Lambeth Dr/ single family Midtown
S-57-17The Gower Center @ Battleridge/ 0 Whitfield Rd/ Daycare CenterSoutheast
S-58-175401 North Lot 22/ 0 Beckom Dr/ single family residentialForestville
S-59-17Duraleigh Rd/ 4400 Duraleigh Rd/ residentialNorthwest
S-61-17FHD-703 E Jones/ 703 E Jones St/ residentialNorth Central
S-62-17 Edgemont Way/ 3315 Edgemont Dr/ single familyNorthwest
S-63-17Chamberlain Townhomes/ 216 Chamberlain St/ townhomesWade
S-64-17Greenshield Organic/7000 Cynrow Blvd/Distribution FacilityEast
S-65-173701 Gresham Lake Road/ 3701 Gresham Lake Road/ CommercialNorth
S-66-17St Albans/ 900 & 1010 St Albans Dr, 3450 Quail Hollow Dr./ Mixed UseMidtown
S-67-17403 Columbia Drive/ 403 Columbia Drive/ single familyEast
S-68-17Johns Pointe Phase 4/ 6611 Paint Rock La/ residentialSoutheast
S-69-17Mayview Road/ 2503 Mayview Rd/ residentialWade
S-72-175401 North Lot 18/ 7730 Beckom St/ Single familyForestville
S-73-171306 Dowling Rd/ 1306 Dowling Rd/ single family residentialSoutheast
S-75-17Brinkley Manor/ 5320 Forestville Rd/ single family homesNortheast
SUB-S-76-2017Wedgewood/ 4100 Wedgewood Dr/ SubdivisionNortheast
S-77-17Fairway View/ 7804 Hardwick Dr/ single family lotsNorth
S-78-17Lakeview Townhomes/ 915 Jones Franklin Rd/ TownhomesWest
S-79-17The Station at Raleigh/ 4101 & 4200 Trinity Rd/ Multi-familyWest
S-80-17908 New Bern/ 908 New Bern Av/ single familySouth Central
S-81-17WakeField Pines/2801 Wakefield Pines Dr/ commercialNorth
S-82-17West End Townes (Formerly Gannett Road Townhomes)/712 Gannett Dr/ ResidentialWest
S-83-17115 Crestview Subdivision/ 115 Crestview Rd/ single familyMidtown
S-84-172101 Dunhill Dr/ 2101 Dunhill Dr/ single familyFive Points
S-85-172911 Churchill Rd/ 2911 Churchill Rd/ single familyWade
S-86-17North Ridge Lot 45/ 7913 Harps Mills Rd/ single family residentialNorth
S-87-17North Ridge Lot 3 & 3A/ 1900 Hunting Rodge Rd/ residentialNorth
S-89-17Valley Drive Subdivision/2108 Rangecrest Rd/Residential single familyNorth
S-90-17506 Jones Franklin Subdivision/506 Jones Franklin Rd./Single Family ResidentialWest
S-91-17The Enclave at Shelley Rd/ 601 & 622 Shelley Rd/ residentialMidtown
S-93-17North Ridge Buckhead/ 7012 Buckhead Dr/ single familyNorth
S-94-17Farrior Hills Estates/ 501 & 505 Ortega Rd/ single familyMidtown


403 Elm Street
605/607 N. East StreetOakwood
605 Elm StreetOakwood
211 E. South StreetPrince Hall
5 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking & Trust
3200 Hillsborough StreetWilmont Apartments
414 New Bern AvenueOakwood
218 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
524 E. Jones StreetOakwood
207 Fayetteville StreetRoyster Confectioners
105 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
508 S. Person StreetPrince Hall
1012 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
4028 Carya DriveOak View
5 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking Building
404 Elm StreetOakwood
410-101 Tucker StreetPine State Creamery
524 N. East StreetOakwood
516 Elm StreetOakwood
406 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
701 N. East StreetOakwood
420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
514 E. Lane StreetOakwood
608 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
7 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Building
407 New Bern AvenueOakwood
218 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
307 Polk StreetOakwood
136 E. Morgan StreetMoore Square
500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
218 Elm StreetOakwood
215 E. Lane StreetBlount Street
15 N. McDowell StreetCapitol Square
605 N. East StreetOakwood
205 Wolfe, 308 Parham, 200 E. Martin,
305-307 S. Blount Street
Moore Square
921 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
516 Euclid StreetOakwood
408 Polk StreetOakwood
326 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
703 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
130 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
608 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
316 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
500 N Boundary StreetOakwood
914 W South StreetBoylan Heights
407 N East StreetOakwood
1804 Hillsborough StreetCaviness Street
217 Linden AvenueOakwood
323 Pace StreetOakwood
407 Polk StreetOakwood
409 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
420 Elm StreetOakwood
414 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
523 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
503 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
316 N Boundary StreetOakwood
409 Polk StreetOakwood
705 N East StreetOakwood
111 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
501 Oakwood Avenue Oakwood
407 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
319 Polk StreetOakwood
805 W South StreetBoylan Heights
102 N East StreetOakwood
1114 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
604 N Blount StreetBlount Street
213 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
511 Adams StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
7 W Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking & Trust
611 Polk StreetOakwood
Multiple in Right-of-WayPrince Hall, Moore Square, Capitol Square
916 W South StreetBoylan Heights
521 Polk StreetOakwood
505 W Jones StreetRaleigh Electric Company
602 E Lane StreetOakwood
505 N Boundary StreetOakwood
19 E Martin StreetMoore Square
11 N Blount StreetCapitol Square
530 N Blount StreetBlount Street
604 Leonidas CourtOakwood
639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
518 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
712 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
227 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
501 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
409 E Jones StreetOakwood
311 N Boundary StreetOakwood
608 N Boundary StreetOakwood
105 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
512 N East StreetOakwood
616 N East StreetOakwood
218 N East StreetOakwood
914 N Boylan AveGlenwood-Brooklyn
11 S Blount StreetCapitol Square
422 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
716 St. Mary's Street - ROWGlenwood-Brooklyn
519 S Wilmington Street - ROWPrince Hall
219 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
401 N Person StreetOakwood
514 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
707 N East StreetOakwood
1101 Haynes StreetPilot-Crompton Mill
218 S Blount StreetMoore Square
311 E Lane StreetOakwood
201 S Blount StreetMoore Square
914 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
15 E Peace StreetBlount Street
223 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
219 E North StreetBlount Street
416 E Edenton StreetOakwood
409 E Jones StreetOakwood
704 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
422 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
614 Polk StreetOakwood
516 N Person StreetOakwood
611 N Boundary StreetOakwood
237 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
1014 W Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
225 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
314 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
518 N Person StreetOakwood

Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/Shopping CenterAtlantic
Ridgewood Shopping Center/ 3514 Wade Av/ Retail and OfficeGlenwood
Family Dollar/ 3601, 3605 & 3609 Amber La and 1730 Trawick Rd/ RetailNortheast
Rolls Royce & Maserati Building/ 5601 Capital Blvd/ Use Automobile DealershipNorth
Trinity Baptist Classroom Addition/4815 Six Forks Rd/ Classroom additionMidtown
New Hope Center/3810 & 3814 Bland Rd, 4106 Wake Forest Rd/ Office BuildingAtlantic
Litchford Road Apartments/ Litchford Rd, Johnsdale Rd. & Sylvia Dean St/ Residential Mixed Use 3 StoriesNorth
CVS Store/ 2411 Landmark Dr/ PharmacyNorthwest
Treeo Senior Living/ 5501 Departure Dr/ Congregate Care facilityNorth
The Oberlin Condominiums/904 Oberlin Rd/ Residential CondominiumsHillsborough
The Cottages at Filmore/ 1307 & 1315 Filmore St/ Single and attached homesFive Points
Flex Lab Building/ 1001 William Moore Dr/ Biomed Office and labWest
Wade Park IV/ 5444, 5438 Wade Park Blvd. and 1531 Christina La./ Office buildingWest
Taco Bell/ 6300 Battle Bridge Rd/ RestaurantSoutheast
Legacy at Brier Creek/ 7791 TW Alexander Dr/ OfficeNorthwest
540 Commercial Park Lot 2/ 3300 Ruritania St/ Flex CommercialNorth
NB5/ 527 and 529 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth Central
The Lift/ 539 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth Central
The Cardinal/ 711 &713 N. West St/ Bar and LoungeNorth Central
La Esquina Latina/ 1615 South Saunders St/ Office BuildingSouthwest
Hillsborough Street Apartment/ 1505 Hillsborough St/ ApartmentsHillsborough
JSF Glenwood/7700 Glenwood Av/ Self-service storageNorthwest
SR-25-16 616 Glenwood Av/616 Glenwood Avenue/ Bar/NightclubHillsborough
109 Park Avenue Apartments/ 105 & 109 Park Avenue, 106 & 108 Ashe Avenue/ ApartmentsHillsborough
SR-27-16The Oasis Community Center/ Louisburg and Fox Rd/ community centerNortheast
Triangle Surgical Center Addition/ 7921 ACC Blvd/ Medical OfficeNorthwest
Atlantic Place/ 5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial RetailNorth
Animal Hospital and Office Flex Building/ 8504 Darton Way/ Animal Hospital/Flex buildingForestville
National Pawn/ 3906 & 3920 New Bern Av/ RetailNorth Central
Divine Gospel International/ 1600 Bethal Rd/ Religious InstitutionSoutheast
707 N. West St/ 707 N. West Street/ OfficeMordecai
Carolinas IT Building Expansion/ 1600 Hillsborough St/ OfficeHillsborough
928 Chaney Road/ 928 Chaney Rd/ Duplex-ResidentialWest
The Villages at Washington Terrace/ 2001 Booker Dr., 2030 Booker Dr. and 1810 Baker Grove Way/ ApartmentsNorth Central
Westgate Park Drive Lot 2/ 8801 Westgate Park Dr/ Flex BuildingNorthwest
Harvest Bible Chapel North Raleigh/ 2817 Spring Forest Rd/ Office and ChurchNorth
Harvest Plaza Center Storage/ 8904 Harvest Oak Dr/ Self-service storageNorth
West South Street Self Storage Center/4101 West South St/ Self-storageCentral
BCRD Holdings, LLC/ 9650 Brier Creek Pkwy/ RestaurantNorthwest
SR-45-16 Revision
One Glenwood/ 1 Glenwood Av & 615 Hillsborough St/ mixed use Revision adn One Glenwood/ 605 and 609 Hillsborough St., 606 and 608 W. Morgan St./ Mixed Use Office and RetailHillsborough
Williams Grove Baptist Church/ 735 Rock Quarry Rd/ ChurchSouth Central
Ridgestone Apartments/ 11031 Raven Ridge Rd/ ApartmentsNorth
3607 Marcom St/ 3607 Marcom St/ Duplex residenceWest
Brier Creek Apartments/ 10701 Globe Rd/ ApartmentsNorthwest
620 Wade/ 620 Wade Av/ Residential CondominiumsFive Points
Smokey Hollow/ 435 Wes Peace St/ Multi-family residential & retailNorth Central
Wattech Auto Service/ 1211 Corporation PKWY/ Auto ServiceSoutheast
The Gower Center at Battlebridge/ 0 Whitfield Rd/ Daycare CenterSoutheast
O'Reilly Auto Parts/ 811 S. New Hope Rd/ Retail salesSoutheast
910 Chaney Road Duplex/ 910 Chaney Rd/ Duplex-residentialWest
Poyner Village Parkway Office Building/ 5921 Poyner Village PKWY/ Office BuildingNortheast
5401 North Apartments/ 7740 Midtown Market Av/ ApartmentsForestville
Shail Apartments/ 2531 Lineberry Dr/ ApartmentsSouthwest
Neurorestorative Group Home/ 4411 ST. James Church Rd/ Supportive Housing ResidenceNortheast
Boylan Flats Apartments/ 615 N. Boylan AV/ ApartmentHillsborough
Oberlin Road Office Building/ 1019 Oberlin Rd/ Office BuildingWade
Precious Lambs Early Learning Center/ 1100 Newton Rd/ Church PreschoolNorth
Atlantic Tire Service/ 13700 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Auto Tire ServiceNorth
Strickland Road Medical Building/ 13271 Strickland Rd/ medical buildingNorthwest
5821 Retail/ 5821 Poyner Village PKWY/ RetailNortheast
7811 Retail/ 7811 Middle Poyner Dr/ RetailNortheast
7810 Retail/ 7810 Target Circle Dr/ RetailNortheast
Washington Terrace Child Care Center/2001 Booker Dr/ DaycareNorth Central
Providence Baptist Church/ 6339 Glenwood Ave./ ChurchNorthwest
113 Chamberlain/113 Chamberlain/ ApartmentsWade
102 Logan/ 102 Logan/ ApartmentWade
Amber Spring/ 5000 Spring Forest Rd/ ApartmentsNortheast
Leesville Road Market Place/ 9501 Leesville Rd/ RetailNorthwest
1600 Cross Link Rd/ 1600 Cross Link Rd/ OfficeSouth
The Summit Church/ 3941 Capital Hills Dr/ ChurchNorth
611 West South/ 601,607,609,611,615 & 615 W South St and 712 S. Saunders St/ residential
Live Green/ 5001 Old Poole Rd/ Office and WarehouseSoutheast
Trailwood Apartments/ 1820 & 1824 Trailwood DR/ ApartmentsWest
TOURtech/ 1723 Roundrock Dr/ Light IndustrialNorth
522 S Harrington St/ 522 S. Harrington St/ Mixed useCentral
Homebanc/ 4509 Creedmoor Rd/ Office and CommercialNorthwest
Two Glenwood/ 607 W Morgan St/ mixed useHillsborough
Ajinomoto Office Building Addition/ 4105 Poole Rd/ OfficeSoutheast
HQ 319 S. West Street Redevelopment/ 319 S. West St/ OfficeCentral
Holly Hill Hospital/ 201 Michael J Smith Lane/ Behavioral health hospitalSoutheast
Gateway Southeast/ 120 Kindley St/ Office and SchoolCentral
North Hills East Tract D/ 4200 Six Forks/ Residential, Hotel, Retail, and OfficeMidtown
502 W. Lenoir St/ 502 W. Lenoir St/ RestaurantCentral
5401 North-Amenity/ 0 Beckom St/ CommercialForestville
City of Raleigh Fire Station # 14/ 3510,3504 & 3500 Harden Rd/ Fire StationNorthwest
SR-106-16Duraleigh Road Storage/ 6101 Duraleigh Rd/ Self StorageNorthwest
Duplex at Milburnie Rd/ 2759 Milburnie Rd./ duplex
Overture Centennial/ 600 & 602 Bilyeu St and 1245 Western Blvd/ ApartmentsSouthwest
1114 N. State Street Subdivision/ 1114 N. State Street/ Detached HomesEast Raleigh
Brinley Manor Subdivision/ 5320 Forestville Rd/Single Family HomesNortheast
Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/ Mixed Use- Retail and HotelAtlantic
Englehardt Preserve/ 7201 Englehardt Drive/ Single Family SubdivisionNorthwest
301 Powell Drive/ 301 Powell Drive/ ResidentialWest
Stephen's Ridge/ 1301 Spring Forest Rd/ SubdivisionNorth
1117 South Person Street Subdivision/ 1117 South Person Street/ Single Family HousingCentral
New Briar Patch Subdivision/ 1201 Briar Patch La/ Single FamilyNorth
Stone's Warehouse Subdivision/ 500 E. Davis St, 419 S. East St, and 400 Chavis Way/ Mixed Use- Retail, Restaurant and TownhomesSouth Central
Hargett Place/ 125, 127 S. Bloodworth St, 116, 120 S. East St/ TownhomesCentral
Waterview Townes at Buffaloe Rd/ 3612 Buffaloe Rd & 3601 Durwood La/ TownhomesNortheast
Lucille Haley Subdivision/ 4430 Laurel Hills Rd/ ResidentialNorthwest
Chaney Street Subdivision/ 910 Chaney St/ ResidentialWest
Trinity Heights/ 5721, 573 and 5801 Trinity Rd/ TownhomesWest
Washington Terrace/ 2001 Booker Dr, 2030 Booker Dr and 1810 Bakers Grove Way/ ApartmentsNorth Central
S-20-16Elmwood Subdivision/ Slippery Elm Dr/ single family and townhomesSouth
Dixon Temple Subdivision/ 5313 Dixon Dr/ Single family residentialMidtown
Hardwick Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Hardwick Dr/ Single family residentialNorth
416 Lake Boone Trl/ 416 Lake Boone Trl/ Detached HomesNorth
Creedmoor Preserve/ 8029 Creedmoor Rd & 8131 Creedmoor Rd/ ResidentialNorthwest
Morning Ridge Subdivision/ 3001 Morningside Dr/ single familyNorthwest
Pony Hedge Subdivision/ 1400 Hedgelawn Way/ single familyNorth
Craig and Nancy Adams Subdivision/ 3517 Chaucer Place/ single familyMidtown
Oberry Subdivision/ 2802 Oberry St/ single familyWade
Kipawa Street Subdivision/ 2112 Kipawa St/ single familyGlenwood
North Bluff 1/ Ridge Brook La/ single familySouthwest
Fountain Subdivision/ 3509 Chaucer Place/ single familyMidtown
2213 Alexander Road Subdivision/ 2213 Alexander Rd/ single familyFive Points
North Ridge/ 7200 Grist Mill Rd/ single familyNorth
Windy Woods Drive Subdivision/ 2332 Windy Woods Dr/ residentialNorthwest
S-38-16 Sampson Street Subdivision/ 4308 Union St/ ResidentialMidtown
Centennial Park Phase II/ 848 Lake Raleigh Rd/ TownhomesSouthwest
Smokey Hollow Subdivision/ 600 North West St/ Mixed use multi-family residential & retailNorth Central
Forest Hills Lot 6/ 810 Chamberlain St./ 1 single family and 1 duplexWade
Inona Place/ 6000 & 6001 Inona Place/ TownhomesWest
Currin Property/ 102 N. East St/ vacantNorth Central
Huntley Subdivision/ 2617, 2707 & 2901 Shady Grove Rd/ Single familyNorthwest
Barwell Park/ Rock Quarry Rd/ Single familySoutheast
Skycrest Drive/ 3015 Skycrest Dr/ residentialNortheast
Barcroft Point/ 1213 Barcroft Place/ single familyNorth
Randolph Drive/ 3018 Randolph Dr/ single family dwellingsGlenwood
Idlewild Lot 2/ 319 Seawell Av/ residentialNorth Central
S-51-16Point Subdivision/ 915 S Person St/ residentialCentral
Hilton Hotel/ 3415 Wake Forest Rd/ hotel, medical and office buildingMidtown
Eva Mae Subdivision/ 1510 &1514 Eva Mae Dr/ duplex lotsSoutheast
Manchester Drive Subdivision/ 622 & 642 Manchester Dr/ single familyMidtown
Trinity Baptist Church/ 4815 Six Forks Rd/ ChurchMidtown
Sunnybrook Pointe/ 3304 Pine Grove Rd, 413,417, 423,423A & 503 Sunnybrook Rd/ subdivisionSoutheast
Method Oaks Subdivision/ 900 & 904 Method Rd/ residentialWest
RHYS Corner/ 628 Macon Place/ two single-family lotsMidtown
1519 Carson Street Subdivision/ 1519 Carson St/ single familyFive Points
S-60-16 Revised
Country Club Granville Expansion/402 Forsyth St/ two single-family lotsGlenwood
North Hills East Subdivision/ 4000 Front at North Hills St/ Mixed UseMidtown
Bloodworth Street Subdivision/ 923 S. Bloodworth St/ 3 single family lotsCentral
Droessler Subdivision/ 1016 Gregg St./ ResidentialSouth Central
RHYD Corner Subdivision/ 615 Sampson St & 4408 Pitt St/ single family lotsMidtown
The New American House/1000 & 1100 Trailwood Dr/ ResidentialWest
North Bluff - 2/ Ridge Brook Lane/ single familySoutheast
Arlington Heights / 8551, 8531 & 8511 Marvino Lane/ TownhomesNorthwest
Cannae Subdivision/ 409 & 411 Glascock St/ residentialMordecai
Blue Ridge Road lots/ 3451 Blue Ridge Rd/ single family lotsNorthwest
Spring Forest Subdivision/ 1709 Spring Forest Rd/ single family residentialNorth
Carriage Hills Subdivision/ 3509 Carriage Dr/ residentialNorthwest
705 E. Lenoir Street/ 705 E. Lenoir Street/ residentialSouth Central
Lots 21 & 22 Addition to Idlewild/ 210 & 212 N. State Street/ single family residentialNorth Central
Farrior Hills Bluff L3/ 114 Reynolds Rd/ residentialMidtown
9301 Leesville Rd Subdivision/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ OfficeNorthwest
Cottages at Oban/ 4317, 4505 Tryon Rd & 2301 Dover Farm Rd/ single familyWest
S-79-16Leesville Reserve/ various addresses on Strickland Rd and Carlswood Ct/ Single familyNorthwest
Crestview Road Subdivision/ 114 & 118 Crestview Rd/ ResidentialMidtown
Terry Street/ 4806 Terry Street/ single familyMidtown
Hay Corner Subdivision/ 7725 Harps Mill Rd/ two single-family lotsNorth


001-15-MW1100 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
002-15-MW704 N. East StreetOakwood
003-15-MW219 E. Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
007-15-MW3056 Granville DriveFadum House
008-15-MW415 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
009-15-MW326 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
010-15-MW207 Fayetteville StreetRoyster Building
011-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
012-15-MW118 S. Person StreetMoore Square
013-15-MW219 E. Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
014-15-MW519 Euclid StreetOakwood
015-15-MW10 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
016-15-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
017-15-MW605 Polk StreetOakwood
019-15-MW500 Polk StreetOakwood
020-15-MW225 E. South StreetPrince Hall
021-15-MW318 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
022-15-MW227 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
023-15-MW500 Block John Haywood WayBlount Street
024-15-MW4028 Carya DriveOak View
025-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
026-15-MW538 E. Jones StreetOakwood
027-15-MW216 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
028-15-MW630 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
032-15-MW325 Polk StreetOakwood
034-15-MW623 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
035-15-MW414 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
036-15-MW213 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
037-15-MW717 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
038-15-MW510 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
039-15-MW408 N. Person StreetOakwood
041-15-MW705 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
042-15-MW600 Leonidas CourtOakwood
043-15-MW322 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
044-15-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
049-15-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
050-15-MW505 Jefferson StreetGlenwood Fire Station
051-15-MW520 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
052-15-MW615 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
053-15-MW409 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
054-15-MW529 N. East StreetOakwood
057-15-MW420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
064-15-MW511 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
065-15-MW6 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
066-15-MW109 N. East StreetOakwood
067-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
068-15-MW511 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
069-15-MW515 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
070-15-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
071-15-MW414 Glenwood AvenuePine State Creamery
072-15-MW708 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
073-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
074-15-MW1 Mimosa StreetMordecai Historic Park
075-15-MW118 N. East StreetOakwood
076-15-MW717 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
077-15-MW607 N. East StreetOakwood
078-15-MW136 E. Morgan StreetMoore Square
079-15-MW219 E. South StreetPrince Hall
080-15-MW313 Polk StreetOakwood
081-15-MW602 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
090-15-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
091-15-MW316 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
092-15-MW402 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
093-15-MW610 Polk StreetOakwood
094-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
095-15-MW500 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
096-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
097-15-MW101 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
099-15-MW518 E. Lane StreetOakwood
100-15-MW408 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
104-15-MW548 E. Jones StreetOakwood
105-15-MW535 N. East StreetOakwood
106-15-MW401 E. Jones StreetOakwood
107-15-MW225 Linden AvenueOakwood
108-15-MW1020 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
109-15-MW817 Hillsborough StreetBoylan Apartments
110-15-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
111-15-MW415-421 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
112-15-MW120 E. Edenton StreetCapitol Square
113-15-MW600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
114-15-MW207 Linden AvenueOakwood
115-15-MW701 N. East StreetOakwood
116-15-MW1020 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
119-15-MW223 Elm StreetOakwood
120-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
126-15-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
127-15-MW319 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
129-15-MW1111 Haynes StreetPilot-Crompton Mill
130-15-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
134-15-MW425 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
135-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
136-15-MW519 E. Jones StreetOakwood
137-15-MW208 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
138-15-MW510 Polk StreetOakwood
139-15-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
140-15-MW109 N. East StreetOakwood
141-15-MW547 E. Jones StreetOakwood
142-15-MW211 E. South StreetPrince Hall
143-15-MW717 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
144-15-MW217 E. South StreetPrince Hall
154-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
156-15-MW215 Wolfe StreetMoore Square
157-15-MW213 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
158-15-MW521 Watauga StreetOakwood
159-15-MW120 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
160-15-MW611 N. East StreetOakwood
161-15-MW422 N. Person StreetOakwood
163-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
164-15-MW912 Williamson DrivePhilip Rothstein House
170-15-MW520 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
171-15-MW515 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
172-15-MW536 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
173-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
174-15-MW206 Linde AvenueOakwood
181-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
182-15-MW516 N. Person StreetOakwood
183-15-MW723 Saint Mary's StreetBroughton High School
184-15-MW225 E. South StreetPrince Hall
185-15-MWBloodworth Street Right-of-WayOakwood
GH 2-15Sycamore Run Apartments/ 4629 Old Poole Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
Corporate Center Apartments/ 1229 Nowell Rd/ Multi-family Apartments
GH-4-15 Wakefield Commons Apartments/ Common Oaks Dr/ ApartmentsNorth
SP-3-15Magnolia Grove Apartments/ 4720 Louisburg Rd/ Apartments
SP-9-15Crabtree Commons Lot 3/ 4600 Crabtree Valley Av/ Retail
SP-11-15Whiskey Kitchen/ 201 West Martin St/ Eating Establishment, Bar & Lounge
SP-21-15 Christ Episcopal Building Expansion/ 120 E. Edenton St/ Kitchen and Public Space
North Central
SP-25-15309 N. Dawson St/ 309 N. Dawson St/ Restaurant and Event Space
North Central
SP-32-15Dock 1053/ 1053 East Whitaker Mill Rd/ Mixed use retail center
East Raleigh
SP-35-15Poole Rd & South New Hope Rd/ 4401 Poole Rd/ Commercial
SP-38-15Sheetz Hwy 401/ 6970 Perry Creek Rd, & 7501, 75011 Ramble Way/ Convenience StoreForestville
SP-42-15ATEB Headquarters Expansion/ 11125 Forest Pines Dr/ Office
SP-44-15Charter Square North Tower/ 501 Fayetteville St/ Residential w/ ground floor Retail and OfficeCentral
SP-46-15Auto Body Shop/ 4451 Bullock Farm Rd/ Retail Sales - highway
SP-49-15Valvoline Instant Oil Change/ 8315 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Automotive Service
SP-53-15Greyhound Apartments/ 314 W. Jones, 208 N. Harrington St & 328 W. Jones/ Apartments
North Central
SP-55-1511 N. West Parking Lot/ 11 N. West St/ Parking Lot
North Central
SP-66-15Triangle Springs/ 10901 World Trade Blvd/ Institutional/HospitalNorthwest
SP-72-15 Handee Hugo's #98/ 9910 Sellona St/ Gas Station
SP-73-15Drum & Draught/ 623 Hillsborough St/ Tavern
SP-79-15MGP Retail Grocery Store/ 4308 Wake Forest Rd, 4400 Old Wake Forest Rd, 1603 Ronald Dr/ Grocery StoreAtlantic
SR-1-15Alexander Place Apartments/ 7651 ACC Blvd. / ApartmentsNorthwest
SR-2-15NC Student Rentals LLC/ 4109 Reavis Rd/ Rental ApartmentsWest
SR-3-15 Evans Place/ 129 Pineland Circle/ Two duplex attached homes West
SR-4-15200 East Apartments/ 200 E. Six Forks Rd/ ApartmentsMidtown
SR-5-15The Bluff at Walnut Creek/ 1920 & 1930 S. New Hope Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
SR-6-15Hillsborough Development/ 2304 Hillsborough St/ Mixed Use ResidentialWade
SR-7-15Studio 1912/ 1912 Hillsborough St/ Mixed Use ResidentialWade
SR-8-15Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal M.I./ 2331 New Bern Av/ ResidentialEast
SR-9-15Villages at Lake Boone Trail Phase 1/ 2412 Landmark Dr/ Multi Family ResidentialNorthwest
SR-10-15Raleigh Beach Road Apartments Revision/ 4805 & 4901 Raleigh Beach Rd/ ApartmentsNortheast
SR-11-15Skyland Ridge/ 7850 Brier Creek Parkway/ Medical Office, Retail and RestaurantNorthwest
SR-12-15E-40 Elementary School/ 210 North Rogers La/ Elementary SchoolSoutheast
SR-13-15Panera @ Village at Lake Boone/ Landmark Dr/ RestaurantNorthwest
SR-16-15Buffaloe New Hope Commercial Development/ 3606 N. Hope Rd & 4100 Buffaloe Rd/ Commercial-RetailNortheast
SR-17-15Brooks Elementary/ 700 Northbrook Dr/ Elementary SchoolMidtown
SR-18-15Bluestone Apartments/ Fox Rd/ Residential ApartmentsNortheast
SR-19-15Childrens Lighthouse/13401 Leesville Church Rd/ Day Care CenterNorthwest
SR-20-15Olive Park Retail Center/9444 falls of Neuse Rd/ Commercial Retail CenterNorth
SR-21-15Dillon/ block of S. West, S. Harrington, W. Hargett and W. Martin St/ Mixed use Office, retail & ResidentialCentral
SR-22-15Soul Reapers Worship Center/ 3520 Forestville Rd/ Religious InstitutionForestville
SR-23-15Stone's Warehouse/500 East Davie St, 419 South East St, 400 Chavis Way/ Mixed Use-Retail, Food Production, Restaurant and TownhousesSouth Central
S-1-151416 Ridge Road Subdivision/ 1416 Ridge Rd/ Single Family
S-2-15Lumley Road Development/ 9621 Lumley Rd/ Warehouse/Storage
S-3-15Longleaf Estates/ 2628 Forestville Rd/ Single family
S-4-15 The Oasis/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Single family
S-5-15North Grove/ 1600 W. Millbrook Rd/ Single family
S-7-15 Pineland Circle/ 101 Pineland Circle/ Single family
S-8-15Lots 8 & 8R D.L. Jordan Subdivision/ 3339 Cheswick Dr/ Residential
S-9-15 Starview Lot 49 Subdivision/ 2124 Kipawa St/ Single family
S-10-15Whitaker Mill Subdivision/ 124 E. Whitaker Mill and 1629 Sunrise/ single family
Five Points
S-11-15Tryon Road Townes/ 2828 Tryon Rd/ Townhouses
S-12-15Poole & New Hope Road Development/ 4401 Poole Rd/ Commercial
S-13-15Howard Place Subdivision/ 3528 Catalano Dr/ Residential
S-14-15Chestnut Hills Lot 13/ 721 Manchester Dr/ Single family
S-15-15Lockwood Subdivision Lots 294 & 294R/ 904 Culppeper La/ Residential
S-16-15Boulevard 39A & 39B/ 4106 Reavis Rd/ ResidentialWest
S-17-15Gordon Street Subdivision/ 2701 Gordon St/ Single family
S-18-15Farrior Hills Lot 5/ 4217 Lambeth Dr/ Single family
S-19-15Skyway Towers Subdivision/ 2920 Kidd Rd/ Wireless Telecommunication facility
S-20-15Barmettler Street Lot 5 Subdivision/ 2818 Barmettler St/ Single family
S-21-15Mills Street Townhomes/ 1039 Mills St/ Townhouses
Five Points
S-23-15Suncrest Village Phase 4/ 3901 Suncrest Village La/ Single family
S-24-15Haymarket Village Lot 42/ 7912 Hardwick Dr/ Single family
S-25-152322 Wade/ 2322 Wade Av/ Single family
S-27-15Westlake at Country Trail III/ 8215 Leesville Rd/ Residential SubdivisionNorthwest
S-28-15New Road/ 615 New Rd/ Single family
Five Points
S-29-15Alliance Medical Ministry/ 101 Donald Ross Dr/ Medical Ministry
S-30-15 Edwards Subdivision/ 412 & 408 Heather Dr/ Single family
S-31-15Mills Street/ 733 & 727 Mills St/ Single family
Five Points
S-32-15Caraleigh Commons Subdivision/ 649 & 501 Maywood Av/ Mixed Residential
S-33-15Jill Maurer/ 6612 Rest Haven Dr/ Single family
S-34-15Husband Subdivision/ 111 Plainview Av/ ResidentialEast Raleigh
S-36-15Pineland Forest/ 124 & 128 Pineland Circle/ Single family

Singleton Place/ 9701 Forum Dr/ Detached homes

S-38-15Jade/ 109 E. Aycock St., 1702 Bickett Blvd/ Single family
Five Points
S-39-15North Ridge Lot 31/ 1300 Hedgelawn Way/ Single family
S-40-15Oakwood Townes/ 705 N. Boundary St/ Residential
S-41-15Bacarra II/ 6300 Canary Falls La/ Multi-family Apartments
S-42-15Chestnut Hills, Lot 14/ 1121 Wimbleton Dr/ Residential
S-43-15North Hills Lot 27/ 5229 Coronado Dr/ Single family
S-44-15Bolick Park/ 5005 & 5007 Western Blvd/ Single familyWest
S-45-15French Drive Subdivision/ 1929 French Dr/ Residential
S-46-15Brier Creek Mini Storage/ 7620 ACC Blvd/ Mini storage
S-47-15Catalano Place/ 3513 Catalano Dr/ Residential
S-48-15Medway Drive/ 2462 Medway Dr/ Single familyFive Points
S-49-15Idlewoood Village/ 3401 Idlewood Village Dr/ Residential
S-50-15Dairyland Subdivision/ 3337 Thomas Rd/ Residential
S-51-15Mayview Road Subdivision/ 2709 Mayview Rd/ Single family
S-53-1512000 Leesville Rd/ 12008, 12004, 12000 and 11904 Leesville Rd/ Residential SubdivisionNorthwest
S-54-15Apsan Estates/ 4114 Westwood Pl/ Single family
S-56-15Lathan Subdivision/Northwood Dr/Single familyMidtown
S-57-15West Street Townhomes/612, 614, 616 & 618 S. West St/ Mixed Use-TownhomesCentral
S-58-15Fairview Section of Budleigh/ 2632 Fairview Rd/ Single familyWade
S-59-15Phelps Road/ 513 Phelps Av & 2632 Bedford Av/ Single familyWade
S-60-15Camley Hills/ 3804, 3806, 3808 & 3810 Noremac Dr/ Detached HomesNorthwest
S-61-15Reavis Road Subdivision/ 4200 Reavis Rd/ Single family
S-62-15 Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 9/ 600 Virginia Av/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-63-15 Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 42/719 Virginia Av/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-68-15Shawood Drive Subdivision/ 5809 Shawood Dr/ Single family
S-64-15Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 16/ 715 Sasser St/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-65-15Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 18/ 719 Sasser St/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-66-15Longleaf Estates Phases 7 & 8/ 2628 Forestville Rd & 0 Canyon Dr/Single family detached HousingRametta
S-67-15Fleming Property/ 304 North Person St and 311 East lane St/ single familyNorth Central
S-69-15Skyland Ridge/ 7850 Brier Creek Pkwy/ Medical Office, Retail and Residential
S-70-15Jean Drive/ 6515 & 6519 Jean Dr/ Single family SubdivisionNorth
S-72-15Sycamore Run Apts./ 4629 Old Poole Rd / Group HousingSoutheast
S-73-15Laurel Hills Lot 3-A/4226 Arbutus Dr/ Single Family lotsNorthwest
S-75-15Nowell Property/ 145 Pineland Circle/ ResidentialWest
S-76-15Legacy at Brier Creek/ 7751 Brier Creek Parkway/ OfficeNorthwest
S-77-15Raleigh Dairyland/ 3312 Thomas Rd/ Single FamilyGlenwood
S-78-15Providence Creek/ 7001 Leesville Rd/ Single FamilyNorthwest
S-79-15City Walk/ 6000 Oak Forest Dr/ ResidentialNorth
S-80-15Marilyn Drive/ 1009 Marilyn Dr/ Single Family ResidentialGlenwood
S-81-155501 Departure Drive/ 5501 Departure Dr/ Congregate Care FacilityNorth


AAD-1-14Emerson GlenSouthwest
405 Polk Street
002-14-MW4028 Carya DriveOak View
007-14-MW914 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
008-14-MW516 Euclid StreetOakwood
009-14-MW606 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
010-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
011-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
018-14-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
019-14-MW15 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
020-14-MW513 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
021-14-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
022-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
023-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
024-14-MW519 E. Lane StreetOakwood
025-14-MW253 S. Salisbury StreetMahler Building
026-14-MW516 Euclid StreetOakwood
027-14-MW3108 Hillmer DriveCrabtree Jones House
030-14-MW702 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
031-14-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
032-14-MW520 Method RoadSt. James AME Church
033-14-MW225 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
034-14-MW620 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
035-14-MW611 Polk StreetOakwood
036-14-MW701 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
037-14-MW412 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
038-14-MW525 Euclid StreetOakwood
039-14-MW112 S. Salisbury StreetCapitol Square
040-14-MW520 S. Person StreetPrince Hall
041-14-MW309 Bloodworth Street
046-14-MW131 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
047-14-MW425 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
048-14-MW125 N. Harrington StreetCP&L Car Barn & Garage
049-14-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
050-14-MW516 Polk StreetOakwood
051-14-MW415 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
052-14-MW515 N. Blount StreetLewis-Smith House
053-14-MW525 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
054-14-MW1114 W. Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
055-14-MW112 S. Salisbury StreetCapitol Square
056-14-MW120 W. Hargett StreetCapitol Square
057-14-MW609 Polk StreetOakwood
058-14-MW639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
063-14-MW410 Morson StreetOakwood
064-14-MW410 Morson StreetOakwood
065-14-MW400 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
066-14-MW704 N. East StreetOakwood
067-14-MW204 E. Franklin StreetOakwood
068-14-MW527 Euclid StreetOakwood
069-14-MW519 Polk StreetOakwood
070-14-MW521 N. East StreetOakwood
071-14-MW125 N. Harrington StreetCP&L Car Barn & Garage
072-14-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
073-14-MW118 S. Person StreetTabernacle Baptist Church
074-14-MW115 W. Morgan StreetRaleigh Water Tower
075-14-MW504 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
076-14-MW542 E. Jones StreetOakwood
082-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
083-14-MW324 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
084-14-MW15 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
085-14-MW505 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
086-14-MW16 N. East StreetOakwood
087-14-MW206 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
088-14-MW543 E. Jones StreetOakwood
089-14-MW519 E. Lane StreetOakwood
090-14-MW731 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
091-14-MW217 Linden AvenueOakwood
092-14-MW306 Pell StreetOakwood
093-14-MW30 Watauga Club DriveHolladay Hall
094-14-MW501 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
095-14-MW405 N. East StreetOakwood
096-14-MW106 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
097-14-MW3108 Hillmer DriveCrabtree Jones House
098-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
099-14-MW518 Elm StreetOakwood
100-14-MW15 N. Tarboro RoadSt. Monicas School
101-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
109-14-MW311 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
110-14-MW605 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
111-14-MW549 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
112-14-MW916 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
113-14-MW610 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
114-14-MW634 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
115-14-MW400 Fayetteville StreetSir Walter Hotel
117-14-MW413 Watauga StreetOakwood
118-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
120-14-MW407 Polk StreetOakwood
128-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
129-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
130-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
131-14-MW407 Polk StreetOakwood
132-14-MWVarious StreetsBlount St. HODs, Capitol Sq., Oakwood, & Prince Hall
133-14-MW1100 Wake Forest RoadMary Elizabeth Hospital
134-14-MW205 Wolfe StreetMoore Square
135-14-MW609/611 N. East StreetOakwood
136-14-MW528 Elm StreetOakwood
137-14-MWMultiple IntersectionsBoylan Heights
147-14-MW301 N. Blount Street
Blount Street
148-14-MW1535 Caraleigh Mills
Caraleigh Mills
149-14-MW513 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
150-14-MW214 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
151-14-MW409 Polk StreetOakwood
153-14-MW217 E. South StreetPrince Hall
154-14-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
155-14-MW800 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
156-14-MW314 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
157-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
158-14-MW1026 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
159-14-MW805 Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
160-14-MW235 Salisbury StreetCarolina Trust Building
164-14-MW1101 Haynes StreetPilot Mills
165-14-MW420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
166-14-MW404 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
167-14-MW621 Polk StreetOakwood
168-14-MW1101 Pender StreetO'Rorke Catholic Cemetery
169-14-MW625 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
170-14-MW103 N. East StreetOakwood
171-14-MW821 Runnymede Road
Matsumoto House
177-14-MW214 E. Martin Street
Moore Square
178-14-MW131 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
179-14-MW504 E. Jones StreetOakwood
180-14-MW319 Polk StreetOakwood
181-14-MW910 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
182-14-MW218 & 220 S. Blount Street
Moore Square
183-14-MW110 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
184-14-MW612 Polk Street
185-14-MW409 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
186-14-MW507 N. East Street
187-14-MW413 New Bern AvenueOakwood
188-14-MW708 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
195-14-MW401 E. Whitaker Mill RoadWake County Home
196-14-MW606 E. Lane StreetOakwood
197-14-MW218 and 220 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
GH-1-14Calvary TraceAtlantic
GH-2-14Greenway Village Phase IIGlenwood
SP-8-14Rex Hospital Heart and Vascular TowerNorthwest
SP-14-143515 GlenwoodGlenwood
SP-17-14McNeil PointeFive Points
SP-19-141301 HillsboroughHillsborough
SP-20-14Taverna AgoraNorth Central
SP-21-142811 Hillsborough StreetWade
SP-29-14Wake Health Services BuildingSouth Central
SP-36-14Raleigh Union Station Phase 1Central
SP-50-141300 St. Mary's CondominiumsFive Points
SP-41-14Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh CathedralSouthwest
SP-48-14Union Bank at Strickland RoadNorth
SP-51-14 Holiday Inn Express Brier CreekNorthwest
SP-55-143515 GlenwoodGlenwood
SP-59-14Residence InnCentral
SP-61-14Local Federal Credit UnionAtlantic
SP-62-14Hyatt HouseNorthwest
SP-66-14Overture at CrabtreeNorthwest
MP-1-14Caraleigh CommonsSouthwest
SR-1-14North Raleigh Methodist Parking Lot
SR-3-14All Saints Anglican ChurchWest
SR-4-14Green ElementaryMidtown
SR-5-14Iglesia Nuevo RanacerSouth
SR-6-14Henderson Street Parking LotWade
SR-8-14Boulevard Park Subdivision Lot 1-AWest
SR-9-14Athens Drive High School New StadiumWest
SR-10-14Hillsborough LoftsUniversity
SR-11-14Emerson GlenSouthwest
SR-12-14Friendly Drive Residential Mixed UseWade
SR-13-14E-36 Elementary SchoolNortheast
SR-14-14Bacarra IIWest
SR-15-145908 Six Forks RdNorth
S-1-14Powell Property Lot 1 & 2West
S-2-14Southlight SubdivisionSouth
S-3-14Wade Park OfficeWest
S-4-14Westlake at Country Trail II SubdivisionNorthwest
S-5-14Prescott PlaceNorth
S-6-14Pleasant PointNorthwest
S-7-14Western Park SubdivisionWest
S-8-14Hi Mount SubdivisionFive Points
S-10-14Country Club Crest SubdivisionGlenwood

Robertson Subdivision

S-12-14Capital Center Business ParkWest
S-14-14Darton Way Subdivision/ 8402 Darton Way/ SubdivisionForestville
S-15-14The Reserve at BrookhavenNorthwest
S-16-14Catholic Cathedral SubdivisionSouthwest
S-17-14Wyndcrest Compact Development SubdivisionNorthwest
S-18-145401 North Lots 15-17Forestville
S-19-14Greenway Village SubdivisionGlenwood
S-20-14Pinebrook HillsNorthwest
S-21-14Holden Ridge SubdivisionForestville
S-22-14Courtland SubdivisionNorthwest
S-23-14Club Drive SubdivisionNorthwest
S-24-14Chestnut Hills Lot 60North
S-25-14Rhino SubdivisionGlenwood
S-26-14Bryan J. Benton Family TrustWade
S-27-14Gabriel's BendNorthwest
S-28-14Haywood Oaks SubdivisionNorthwest
S-29-14Lot 40 HaymarketNorth
S-31-14Lambeth Drive SubdivisionMidtown
S-33-14Gresham PlaceNorth
S-32-14Gresham Park SubdivisionNorth
S-34-14Fairfield Inn Suites HotelNorthwest
S-35-14Albright Road SubdivisionNorthwest
S-36-14Ebenezer Park Lots 11 & 12Northwest
S-37-143405 Ocotea Street SubdivisionGlenwood
S-38-14Callahan SubdivisionNorth
S-39-14Dillard Property SubdivisionNorthwest
S-40-14Allure HomesGlenwood
S-41-14Harris Crossing SubdivisionForestville
S-42-14310 Seawell AvenueNorth Central
S-43-14Betty S. Smith SubdivisionNortheast
S-44-14JF-1 SubdivisionWest
S-45-14Evan TownesWest
S-46-14Chestnut Hills Lot 59Midtown
S-47-14 Country Trails EstatesNorthwest
S-48-14Townes at CheswickMidtown
S-49-14Brookhaven EstatesNorthwest
S-50-14 RevisionThe Village of Lake Boone TrailNorthwest
S-51-14DMI Storage SubdivisionNorth
S-53-145401 North Lots 20Forestville
S-54-14Hines SubdivisionMidtown
S-56-14Eden LaneWade
S-57-14Fairfax Section III Lots 1 & 2North

Inwood Baptist Church Subdivision

S-59-14 Raleigh Beach Road SubdivisionNortheast
S-60-14Chestnut Hills Lots 53 & 54Midtown
S-61-14Breedlove Subdivision Lot 12Five Points
S-62-14Reserve at Grayson

Oxford Park Lot 80

Five Points
S-64-14Empowerment PlaceSouthwest


138-13-MW919 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
139-13-MW309 Linden AvenueOakwood
140-13-MW504 N. East StreetOakwood
141-13-MW215 N. East StreetOakwood
148-13-MW106 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
149-13-MW3015 Wake Forest RoadCrabtree Jones House
150-13-MW226 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
151-13-MW709 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
152-13-MW1100 Wake Forest RoadMary Elizabeth Hospital
153-13-MW1021 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
154-13-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
155-13-MW318 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
156-13-MW414 N. East StreetOakwood
160-13-MW15 E. Peace StreetBlount Street
162-13-MW206 E. Peace StreetBlount Street
165-13-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
166-13-MW520 N. East Street
167-13-MW525 E. Lane Street
168-13-MW602 Oakwood Avenue
169-13-MW516 Euclid Street
170-13-MW702 N. Blount Street
Blount Street
171-13-MW821 Runnymede Road
Matsumoto House
172-13-MW524 E. Jones StreetOakwood
173-13-MW523 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
174-13-MW601 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
175-13-MW516 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
176-13-MW606 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
178-13-MW702 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
186-13-MW504 N. East StreetOakwood
187-13-MW504 E. Jones StreetOakwood
188-13-MW212 Linden AvenueOakwood
189-13-MW516 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
196-13-MW911 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
197-13-MW3210 Hillsborough StreetRaleigh Nehi Bottling Co.
198-13-MW113 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
199-13-MW533 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
200-13-MW500 & 510 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
North Shore Condominiums Southwest
GH-2-13Casper ParkWest
GH-4-13Windy Hill ApartmentsNorth
GH-6-13Greenway Village at Lake BooneGlenwood/Northwest
GH-7-13Park Place ApartmentsForestville
GH-9-13Meridian at Sutton SquareNorth
GH-13-13The Avenues IIAtlantic
Dairy Land Lots 20 & 21 Recombination
IR-2-13 Cain & Burlington Infill Wade
IR-3-13Lakeview RidgeGlenwood

No cases at this time
SP-1-13 Family Dollar Mitchell Mill Road Forestville
SP-7-13The Pointe at CreedmoorNorthwest
SP-12-13WakeMed North Healthplex AdditionNorth
SP-13-13Family Dollar at Lake WheelerSouthwest
SP-14-13Tryon SquareWest
SP-15-13Edison OfficeCentral
SP-18-13 Dillon Supply Warehouse
Redevelopment Phase 2
SP-19-13Teen CenterNorth Central
SP-20-13The LincolnCentral
SP-21-13 Charter Square Central
SP-24-13Glennwood Place ApartmentsGlenwood
SP-30-13Our Lady of LourdesFive Points
SP-32-13Bell View HotelWade
SP-33-13Holly Hill Inpatient HospitalSoutheast
SP-37-13Sunnybrook Road Apartments Phase IIEast & Southeast
SP-41-13Glenlake Office Building VNorthwest
SP-42-13Sunshine Office BuildingNorth
SP-44-13Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood SuitesCentral
SP-45-13616 OberlinHillsborough
SP-46-132600 GlenwoodGlennwood
SP-47-13M-8 Middle SchoolNorthwest
SP-49-13West Apartments IINorth Central
SP-51-13Walgreens - Leesville RoadNorthwest
SP-53-13State Auto Care and Used TiresCentral
SP-55-13Enterprise Car SalesNorthwest
SP-56-13Walgreens - Perry CreekForestville
SP-60-13Hibernia Beer GardenHillsborough
SP-62-13Rex Hospital Parking DeckNorthwest
SP-64-13McClatchy Interactive AdditionCentral
SR-2-13Rare Oberlin Investments Medical Office BuildingWade
SR-3-13Lake Johnson CenterWest
SR-4-13Duraleigh OfficesNorthwest

No cases at this time
S-2-13 Wakefield Lot M North
S-3-13 Old Oak Commons Northwest
S-4-13Purrington EastNorthwest
S-5-13 Purrington West Northwest
S-6-13Terrebon EstatesNorthwest
F. R. Andrews Subdivision
S-8-13Westlake at Country Trail
S-9-13 Dorothea Commons Central
S-10-13Duke Energy Spring Forest RdNorth
S-11-13Essex at Glen EdenNorthwest
S-12-13 Wimberley Subdivision North Central
S-14-13 Brewer Street Infill Five Points
S-15-13 The Grove at Fallon Park Five Points
S-16-13 Peace Street Townes North Central
S-17-13Wade Avenue Townhomes
S-18-13 Vanderbilt Homes Midtown
S-19-13Cunningham Infill Subdivision
Six Forks
S-20-13Henry J. Cromartie Property Subdivision
North Central
S-22-13Oakwood Avenue & North State StreetNorth Central
S-23-13Brier Creek Market Subdivision
S-24-13Worth Street SubdivisionCentral
S-25-13Stonehenge Manor SubdivisionNorthwest
S-26-13Charles Westbrook Subdivision
S-27-13The 10 at South PersonCentral
S-28-13Waters Infill Subdivision
S-29-13Triangle Town Center SubdivisionNortheast
S-30-13McDonalds - Wake Forest Road SubdivisionAtlantic
S-31-13Neuse Ridge Phase IVSoutheast
S-32-13Bernard StreetFive Points
S-34-13Kilgore Avenue SubdivisionWade
S-35-13Landings at Neuse Crossing SubdivisionNortheast
S-38-13Old Lead Mine Road SubdivisionNorth
S-39-13Jordan PropertyWade
S-40-13Paces ForestNorth
S-41-13Towers Street Dodd Street/ 920, 922 and 924 Tower St/ residentialWade
S-44-13Campus North SubdivisionNorth
S-45-13Westgate Road SubdivisionNorthwest
S-46-13Bellewood Forest SubdivisionGlenwood
S-47-13Neuse River EstatesNortheast
S-48-13Thornton Commons Forestville
S-50-13Highland Creek Subdivision - Phase 10 RevisionNortheast
S-51-13Joseph S. Hogan & John Daly SubdivisionGlenwood
S-52-13Atlantic Avenue SubdivisionAtlantic
S-53-13Hampton Road Subdivision Lots 122 & 123Glenwood
S-54-13Chestnut Hills Subdivision Lot 36North
S-56-13Linden Avenue SubdivisionNorth Central
S-57-13Cambridge Road SubdivisionWade
S-58-13The SaintHillsborough
S-59-13Northridge Lot 23 SubdivisionNorth
S-61-13Blueberry Drive SubdivisionNorthwest


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-12 Bainbridge Six Forks
GH-2-12 Clairmont at Capital Northeast
GH-3-12 The Avenues Atlantic
GH-4-12Jones Grant ApartmentsMidtown
GH-5-12Crabtree CommonsNorthwest
GH-6-12 Brighton Pointe Apartments Forestville
GH-7-12 Bacarra West
GH-9-12 Maystone at Wakefield North
IR-2-12 Red Hawk Contracting Lots 105 & 106
MP-1-12 Crabtree Village Master Plan
MP-2-12Stanhope Center AmendmentWade

Glenwood Ave. - T.W. Alexander Dr. Amendment

SP-3-12 Whale-n Convenience Store
SP-6-12 Wake Technical Community College Parking Lot G Northeast
SP-9-12 513 West Peace Street Hillsborough
SP-11-12 Passage Homes Coleman Street South Central
SP-12-12 Carmax - Raleigh Northeast
SP-13-12 Sheetz at Dixie Forest North
SP-16-12 Skyhouse Apartments Central
SP-18-12 Sheetz at Millbrook Atlantic
SP-22-12 2604 Hillsborough Street Wade
SP-26-12 Waffle House Dixie Forest North
SP-29-12Sunnybrook Road Gas StationSouth
SP-30-12 Southbridge Fellowship Church Northwest
SP-32-12 Dillon Supply Warehouse Redevelopment Central
SP-38-12Hayes Barton Family Life Center AdditionFive Points
SP-40-12 Mattress Firm at Wake Forest Road Midtown
SP-41-12 Learning Services Southeast
SP-44-12 Family Dollar Store Rock Quarry Road South
SP-45-12 BB&T Litchford Road North
SP-48-12The L Building Mixed Use DevelopmentCentral
SP-57-12 Link Apartments at Glenwood South North Central
SU-3-12 American Tower Corporation
North Central
SU-4-12The Raleigh Times BarCentral
S-1-12 Idlewild Avenue Subdivision North Cental
S-2-12 Woodfield Marshall Park Townhomes Northwest
S-3-12 Lot 65 North Raleigh Meadows Townhomes North
S-4-12 First Assembly of God Northwest
S-5-12 3009 Skycrest Drive Subdivision Northeast
S-6-12 Wakefield Plantation Club Villas Revision North
S-7-12 Sunnybrook Road Apartments East
S-8-12 Renaissance Park Phases 8, 9, 10, and 11 Southwest
S-11-12 Falls Glen Phase 4 - Cluster Unit Development North
S-12-12 T.W. Alexander Place Amendment Northwest
S-13-12 Brookhaven Place Subdivision Northwest
S-14-12 1009 Gardner Street Wade
S-15-12 River Run Phases 4 & 5 North
S-16-12The Gower Center at BattlebridgeSoutheast
S-17-12 Weiser Garner, LLC Southwest
S-18-12 Center 205 West
S-19-12 208 Bladen Street South Central
S-20-12Sanctuary ParkNorthwest
S-21-12 Ramblewood Lantern
Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 Revisions
S-22-12 East Jones & Heck Street Subdivision North Central
S-23-12 Sir Walter Estates Subdivision North
S-24-125401 North Phases 2-9Northeast
S-26-12 Shelley Road Lot 28 Block C Subdivision Midtown
S-28-12 Oakwood North East
S-29-12 Brighton Pointe Forestville
S-30-12 Fairfax Hills Park Subdivision North
S-31-12 Pleasant Grove Park Subdivision Northwest
S-33-12 Wimbledon North
S-34-12 Chamber Court Infill Subdivision Wade
S-35-12 West Millbrook Road Subdivision North


Case # Name CAC
University Village at 2505
GH-2-11 Water Garden Village Northwest
GH-4-11 Spring Forest Road Apartments Northeast
GH-5-11 The Retreat at Raleigh West
GH-6-11 The Greens at Centennial Campus Southwest
GH-7-11 The Village at Town Center Apartments Northeast

No cases at this time
MP-1-11 Dorothea Commons Central
MP-2-11 Brier Creek Town Center II Northwest
North Blount Street Block 2 Tract A
North Central
First Presbyterian Church
SP-6-11 Rex Hospital Plan Northwest
SP-14-11 600 St. Marys Hillsborough
SP-15-11 West Morgan Apartments Hillsborough
SP-21-11 McDonalds at Falls Pointe North
SP-23-11 425 N. Boylan Hillsborough
SP-24-11Abbott's Creek ElementaryNorth
SP-25-11Cameron Place CondominiumsHillsborough
SP-26-11 ACC Auto Sales Southwest
SP-29-11 First Assembly of God Northwest
SP-31-11 Cardinal Gibbons High School Expansion West
SP-34-11 Seaboard Market Place Mordecai
SP-35-11 Carolina Ale House - Glenwood South Hillsborough
SP-36-11 West Apartments North Central
SP-37-11 North Carolina Rate Bureau
SP-38-11 Poyner Place Retail Northeast
SP-40-11 Auto Zone - Louisburg Road Northeast
SP-43-11 Stanhope Center II Wade
SP-52-11 603 Glenwood Avenue Hillsborough
SP-54-11 St. Augustine's College Stadium & Parking North Central
SP-58-11 Subdivision Woodfield Blue Ridge Apartments
SP-64-11The GramercyHillsborough
SP-67-11 Edison Apartments Central
SP-68-11 Watts Chapel Baptist Church Parking West
SP-69-11 Glenwood Vintage I Five Points
SP-70-11 Glenwood Vintage II Five Points
SP-72-11 401 Oberlin Road Wade
SP-74-11 Macon Pond Parking Expansion Northwest
Saint Augustine's - George Williams Stadium
North Central
S-1-11Water Garden Subdivision / ClusterNorthwest
Markets at Rock Quarry Lot 1 Subdivision
S-3-11 Blount Street Lot 8 Block 3 North Central
S-5-11 The Retreat at Raleigh West
S-6-11Progress EnergyNortheast
S-8-11 York Family Properties Northeast
S-9-11 Charleston Oaks at North Ridge North
S-12-11 John & Nancy Proctor Six Forks
S-13-11 Grey's Landing North
S-14-11 Glenlake Gardens Revision Northwest
S-16-11 Crabtree Commons Northwest
S-17-11 The Village at Town Center Northeast
S-18-11 Subdivision Halifax Park Subdivision
S-19-11 Jacobs Subdivision Lots 1 & 2 East
S-20-11 Dell Webb Infrastructure Improvements Northwest
S-21-11 Ramblewood Lantern Midtown
S-22-11 Abbotts Creek Park
Elementary School Subdivision
S-24-11 Chestnut Hills Lot 21 & 22 Midtown


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-10 Oberlin Ridge Condominiums Lot 2
GH-2-10 Beachwood Apartments, Phase III Resubmittal Southeast
GH-3-10 The Jamison at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-4-10 University Suites at NCSU Southwest
GH-5-10 The Crest at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-6-10 Clairmont at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-7-10 Brier Creek III Apartments Northwest
Edwards Property
MP-1-10 5401 North Northeast
SP-15-10 Costal Federal Credit Union ATM Addition Northwest
SP-16-10 Golden Corral- Capital Boulevard Northeast
SP-17-10 University Towers- Amendment Wade
SP-21-10 Cheviot Assemblage Lots 6 & 7 Northeast
SP-24-10 Thales Academy- Fox Road Northeast
SP-25-10 Deepjava Central
SP-28-10 SECU- Salisbury Street Office Revision North Central
SP-31-10 Wake Medical Office Building East
SP-32-10 New Bern Crossing Hotel East
SP-34-10 Hollyridge Apartments Northwest
SP-35-10 Nationwide Mutual Parking Lot Expansion Northwest
SP-36-10 Lowe's Fuel Canopy Northwest
SP-43-10 The Lynden Centre Six Forks
SP-47-10 Oberlin Rd and Clark Av Hillsborough
SP-48-10 Raleigh Orthopaedic Northwest
SP-55-10 Wal-Mart Expansion - Townridge Shopping Center Northwest
SP-56-10 Hampton Inn Glenwood South Hillsborough
SP-60-10 Crabtree Place Northwest
SP-62-10 Bank of North Carolina Falls of Neuse
SU-2-10 Mosaic Wine ET Lounge Hillsborough
SU-3-10 Cross Link Road Telecommunication Tower Facility South
SU-4-10 Bu Ku Central
SU-5-10 Triangle Broadcast Associates Southwest
SU-6-10 Carolina Ale House- Brier Creek Northwest
SU-8-10 Busy Bee Cafe
Arbor Chase Phase III
S-2-10 Coastal Federal Credit Union Subdivision Northwest
S-3-10 Glen Lake South Subdivision Phase 3 (Townhome Revision) Northwest
S-4-10 Cherry Ridge Revision Southwest
S-5-10 Shops of New Hope Northeast
S-6-10 Regency at Brier Creek Lots 1 & 2 Northwest
S-8-10 Cobblestone Court Subdivision Glenwood
S-10-10 Inside Wade Townhomes West
S-11-10 University Towers Subdivision Wade
S-12-10 Belmont Hall Resubmittal Northeast
S-13-10 Thales Academy- Fox Road Northeast
S-14-10 Regency ay Brier Creek- Lots 1, 2, & 200 Northwest
S-16-10 Glenwood-Taylor Tract Northwest
S-18-10 Shopes at Battle Bridge- Lot 3 Subdivision Southeast
S-19-10 Potenza Subdivision North Central
S-20-10 The Weiser Companies Southwest
S-21-10 SDC Subdivision Falls of Neuse
S-23-10 Cherry Ridge Subdivision West
S-24-10 Hollyridge Subdivision Northwest
S-27-10 Rex Property (2nd Revision)
S-28-10 Subdivision - Walnut Terrace Redevelopment
S-29-10Centennial Park TownhomesSouthwest
S-30-10 Mt. Herman Road Subdivision Northwest
S-31-10 Seville at Brier Creek Northwest
S-33-10 McDonalds at Falls Pointe North
S-36-10 Cameron Village Block 1 and 2 Subdivision Hillsborough
S-37-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 2 West
S-38-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 3 West
S-39-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 4 West


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-09 The Cyprus of Raleigh - Revision North
GH-3-09 Beachwood Apartments - Phase 2 Northeast
IR-1-09 Hosseini Property Lots 1 & 3 South Central
SP-2-09 NC Licensing Board General Contractors Northwest
SP-4-09 Burt Drive Apartments West
SP-5-09 The Park at Lake Boone Northwest
SP-12-09 Noir Bar and Lounge Hillsborough
SP-14-09 Leith Mercedes Benz Expansion Northeast
SP-15-09 NC Real Estate Commission - Addition Falls of Neuse
SP-16-09 North Raleigh Christian Academy Addition Northeast
SP-25-09 Wake Tech Health Sciences Building 2 and off-site Parking East
SP-32-09 State Employees Credit Union - Salisbury Street North Central
SP-33-09 Beth Meyer Synagogue North
SP-38-09 Robertson Hill Apartments East
SP-39-09 Market at Colonnade North
SP-43-09 Lot 5 Cheviot Assemblage Northeast
SP-44-09 Wingate Inn West
SP-48-09 Contemporary Art Museum Central
SP-48-09 Contemporary Art Museum- Revision Central
SP-52-09 527 Haywood Street South Central
SP-54-09 301 Hillsborough Street Parking Lot Central
SP-56-09 BB&T North Hills Falls of Neuse
SP-67-09 School of Communication Arts North
SP-68-09 Boylan Pearce Building Central
SP-71-09 The Salvation Army Type A Shelter East
SP-72-09 Churchill LLC Wade
SP-74-09_CC E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant Solar System North
SP-74-09_CR E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant Solar System North
SP-81-09_CC Harrington Street Substation Central
S-1-09 Corporate Center Plaza Phase 2 West
S-5-09 Unity Subdivision Northwest
S-7-09 Pine Knoll Townhomes lots 1 & 2 Northeast
S-8-09 2728 Capital Northeast
S-10-09 Rogers Farm North Revision Southeast
S-10-09R Rogers Farm North Revision 2 Southeast
S-11-09 Cartier Drive Subdivision Wade
S-12-09 Cranbrook Road Subdivision Six Forks
S-13-09 Lots 1 & 2 Winters Property Five Points
S-18-09_CC East Glendower Place Resubmittal Northwest
S-19-09 Kent Road Subdivision West
S-20-09R Wadford Road Properties Northeast
S-22-09 Schauder Subdivision West
S-26-09 Wakefield Park Lot 4 Northeast
S-31-09 East Glendower Place Lots 1-6 Northwest
S-32-09 Olde Tower Subdivision North
S-34-09_R Stonehenge Park Subdivision Northwest
S-36-09 Barwell Cedar Grove Subdivision Southeast
S-37-09 Lakeside Subdivision West
S-39-09 Ramblewood III Six Forks


Case # Name CAC
The Haywood (Revision)

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